About This Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet

The 2019 TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet goes where no holiday worksheet has never gone before! In it, you’ll find projects that unify hand-lettering, flourishing, calligraphy, and optional watercolors to make eye-catching pieces. You can use these projects on holiday cards, mail art, bookmarks, sketchbooks, and whatever else you want to add festive cheer to! This workbook comes to you as one 17 page file, and it includes detailed instructions on how to write the following:

    • Holiday Doodles (such as snowflakes, candy cane, string lights, etc.)
    • “Comfort & Joy” With Wintry Flourishes
    • “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” Tree
    • “Happy Winter Solstice” Lettering
    • “Be Merry” Holiday Ornament
    • Flourished Wreath

You’ll also find access instructions for a worksheet-exclusive Christmas card tutorial! This gorgeous Christmas card uses the “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” tree project, watercolors, and some lung power. The tutorial is only available to worksheet owners and is password protected! You’ll find the access password in the worksheet set.

Due to the dip pen practice opportunities offered in this set, it is best to print the worksheet on 32# laserjet paper. This paper works beautifully with dip pens, and is my practice paper of choice!

Limited Edition

This item only appeared in the TPK catalog through December 26, 2023. However, it will reappear for the 2024 holiday season!

11 reviews

  1. fangweilin

    I have got all the holiday worksheets and love them all! The 2019 is however the one that I always come back to, for various projects and presentation.
    The instruction is very clear and Lindsey takes you through the drawing process. If you were a calligraphy beginner, or not feeling very confidenet with your drawing skills, the instruction will help you go along and make new personal touches after a few more times of practice.
    Love it basically ! Just love it!

  2. Kate H.

    Creativity and beauty abound in this beautiful worksheet! Best of all, they are made to be achievable for all levels of calligraphers, even beginners. There is something for everyone. I have used this for two Christmases so far. Thank you for creating this lovely tutorial!

  3. Quinn Myers

    This is a great worksheet with a lot of cute projects. I haven’t tried everything in it, but I do love the “We wish you a merry Christmas” tree! 🎄

  4. kwebbstewart

    Love the easy instructions! what a great way to embellish cards and gift tags!

  5. Connie

    I love this packet. There are plenty of projects to try and plenty of worksheets to practice with. I love that I can put the template on a light box and get straight to writing. I even used the Christmas tree template as my Christmas card this year!

  6. Bailey Crerar

    I love how these projects seem so complicated, but they are broken down into easy to follow steps that when you are finished you sit back and think, Wow! I made that!

  7. Cristy Upenieks

    So much detail for very easy instructions. Great price for all the different projects you can do. I’ve started on the tree and bauble cards for family. Loving the results so far!

  8. cazjenkins

    Brilliant instructions for projects from start to finish. Great ideas to use or adapt for Christmas cards etc.

  9. Anna M.

    Love this Holiday worksheet. As soon as I purchased it I printed the sheets out and I began with the wreath. I love it.

  10. Mary

    I’m impressed with the variety of designs available and the instructions are easy to follow. Very festive and fun.

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