• FREE “Bulletproof” New Year Goals Worksheet

    My favorite part of January is making New Year goals! If you also love goal making (or would like to give it a try), you’ll enjoy TPK’s latest free worksheet. In it, you’ll find exercises to help you narrow down your 2021 goals and tools to help you form a plan to achieve those goals!

    Coming up with goals never fails to make me feel giddy. The act of writing down an intention and coming up with a plan to make it a reality is so empowering! I make New Year goals every year, and I almost always achieve my goals due to careful planning and consideration. For this year, I decided to make a free worksheet to help you brainstorm effective goals and ways to reach them.

    About the Bulletproof Near Year Goals Worksheet

    The Bulletproof New Year Goals worksheet is a four-page free printable worksheet. It was designed to assist anyone in coming up with realistic, attainable goals! On the first page, you’ll choose the life categories you’d like to focus on improving this year — like Community, Education, or Finances. Once you’ve chosen your goal categories, you’ll identify specific goals for your chosen categories and write down why you want to achieve them. It’s important to understand your motivations so you can remember them in weak moments!

    Bulletproof New Year Goals Worksheet
    I included examples of my own 2021 goals in the worksheet to spark your inspiration.

    After you clarify your goals, it’s time to assign numbers to them! Giving goals concrete quantities will go a long way in helping you to achieve them. For example, instead of simply saying you’ll “read more books” this year, try clarifying that you’ll “read 1 novel every month.” (Better yet, you can make a list of specific books you want to read in specific months!)

    Bulletproof Printable New Year Goals Worksheet
    Once you make specific goals, you’ll assign quantities, numbers, or dates to those goals.

    To finish up the worksheet, you’ll make a summary list for display. You should then cut out your summary list and keep it in a spot that you’ll see all year long!

    Bulletproof New Year Goals Worksheet
    I’m keeping my summarized goal list in my planner! Every week, I’ll move it to a new page spread so my goals stay front and center in my mind.


    Making the Most of the Worksheet

    You’ll find the Bulletproof Goals Worksheet most helpful if you give yourself a couple of hours to fill it out! Ample time and some calming music can really help you to focus. A bit of research beforehand never hurts, either! You can check out this article for tips for making good goals.

    Bulletproof New Year Goals Worksheet

    Displaying the finished goal list in a conspicuous place is key. If you don’t like the simple summary goal list in the worksheet, I’ve got three other display-worthy printables to choose from:

    Inspirational Resources

    If you want to get in the organizing mood, there are several free printables and motivational articles available here on the blog. You can find all of them by clicking here! For the ultimate organization booster, you can also check out the Creative & Collected Lifestyle Worksheet Set, which is only available in the TPK Catalog through Tuesday (January 9th). 

    Creative and Collected: An Organization System


    Whether you are a veteran goal setter or someone who is making new year goals for the first time, I hope that you enjoy the new “Bulletproof” worksheet set! Here’s to a healthy, happy, and productive 2021!

    Happy New Year,

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