• Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet

    If you’ve still got holiday correspondence to send out or gift tags to create (and don’t we all?), then you will enjoy the holiday calligraphy worksheet/exemplar printables included in this post! In the exemplars, you’ll find fun, fresh ways of writing traditional holiday phrases.

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    If you’re anything like me, then all of your Yuletide correspondence — featuring beautiful holiday calligraphy — was sent out weeks ago. Yep, you did not procrastinate, and you have already calligraphed gift tags for all of the gifts that you perfectly wrapped.

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    Just kidding — that’s a description of the organized person that I want to be. My current situation looks more like this: I haven’t sent anything to anyone (or made any gift tags … except for the one above, which was whipped up earlier this morning). While I am not the picture of holiday preparation, by any means, I did come up with a way to create holiday calligraphy quickly and without a lot of brainstorming. Allow me to introduce the Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2016 Edition!

    About the Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2016 Edition

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    This printable holiday calligraphy worksheet set came about when I received a reader email requesting a holiday calligraphy exemplar. I started making one, but found that I wanted to get more detailed than a standard exemplar. I thought it would be nice to make sure the exemplar was accessible for all calligraphy levels, and not just those who can mimic writing what they see. That way, you could practice a little bit on the exemplar, then go forth and calligraph your gift tags, add a “Happy Holidays!” to the back of your envelopes, and/or whip up some calligraphy-centric DIY holiday cards.

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    So, I calligraphed seven common holiday greetings, all in different TPK-original calligraphy styles, including:

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    I figured that, even if you already own a TPK calligraphy worksheet or two, it’s nice to have readymade holiday calligraphy examples. Especially if you’re just beginning with a calligraphy style, it can be tough to know how the letters will connect. In the case of “Embellished Janet Style”, this worksheet set even takes some creative license, adding lots of swirl to the d’s! The worksheet also includes four creative ways to write “2017”. In addition to providing you with practice and tips + information, each section of the worksheet includes a “Shortcut Tracing” section. You can use the graphic in that section to trace over using a light box and a dip pen, or a bright window and a pencil (which you’ll then trace over with a dip pen).

    … Not Just Holiday Calligraphy

    When we think about dip pens, we usually just think “calligraphy”. This worksheet will get you out of that mindset with detailed instructions on how to make this gorgeous flourished holiday tree! The tree, shown here created with Finetec gold, can make a beautiful holiday card!

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    The beauty of the tree is its versatility; you can use it on anything from cards to gift tags to mail art. It is splendid by itself, or you can add some holiday calligraphy above or underneath it. Of course, you don’t have to use gold to make it … every ink gives it a different “feel”. Gold makes a decadent tree, walnut ink makes a vintage tree, white ink makes a snowy tree, etc.

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    It’s worth noting that, while the holiday calligraphy worksheet set is intended to help all levels of calligraphers, it does presuppose some dip pen experience. While it provides a detailed walk-through of how to form the words, numbers, and the tree, it assumes the following:

    • You know to keep both tines of your nib evenly on the paper as you write.
    • You know to exert pressure on downstrokes and use gentle pressure on upstrokes.

    If you’re not quite there yet, it’s worth it to read The Beginner’s Guide to Modern Calligraphy!

    Limited Edition

    This worksheet set is a limited edition — and sales of it will stop on December 26, 2016 (so: the day after Christmas). My intention is to create a completely new edition of the holiday calligraphy worksheet every year.


    While sales of this worksheet will end on December 26th, owners of the worksheet will have access to it indefinitely. You can re-use it every year, if you want to! It will live in your account (if you have one), as well as in your order confirmation email. Note that if you own the 2016 edition, you will not be grandfathered into the 2017 edition next year. My policy with other calligraphy worksheet sets is always to grandfather you into updates, but the 2017 edition of this set will be completely new and different!

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    If you’re interested in purchasing this worksheet set, you can do so (and learn more about the set) by clicking here. If, however, you can exactly mimic writing what you see, you may be interested in the free exemplar (details below).

    Free Holiday Calligraphy Exemplar

    Whenever I release a product like the Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet Set, I also like to provide a basic, free alternative. The free version of the worksheet is this one-page holiday calligraphy exemplar. It includes four greetings (“Happy Holidays!”, “merry christmas”, “Merry and Bright”, “NOËL noël”) for your reference. While it doesn’t provide instructions on how to write, it does offer a tracing/practice opportunity!

    Free Holiday Calligraphy Exemplar

    You can download the free exemplar by clicking here! Like the paid version of the worksheet set, it is best printed on 32# laserjet paper, which will allow you to write on it sans ink issues.

    Happy Holidays 2017 from The Postman's Knock! | The Postman's Knock

    Whether the exemplars will come in handy for you or not, I am wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons! No matter how — or if — you celebrate, my hope is that the rest of December is wonderful for you. And, after December, we start with a clean slate in January! Thanks for giving me bits of your time here and there this year; I really appreciate that you read TPK. It’s been awesome for me to read your comments, see results of various TPK tutorials on social media, and hear from you in emails! You made my 2016 amazing, and I’m really looking forward to an equally wonderful 2017.


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