• Introducing Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!): A Free Video Course

    What’s new and exciting at TPK? A free Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!) Video Course! The course features nearly four hours of video instruction and will teach anyone how to write in cursive.

    Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!): A Free Video Course
    In Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!): A Free Video Course, I will teach you how to write in cursive with the help of my nine-year-old niece.

    At the beginning of 1998, I was a second grader who could only write in clunky print. I was so excited for third grade, where I knew I’d learn cursive handwriting. Fall of 1998 did not disappoint. By October, my letters joined up in delightful harmony to make waves of words that made me feel grown-up and sophisticated. Since the latter half of 1998, I have written in cursive without looking back. I love it — so much, in fact, that I decided to up-level by learning pointed pen calligraphy, but that’s another story.

    Child's Cursive Handwriting
    In January 1998, I could not wait to learn cursive. Once I learned all the cursive letterforms in September of 1998, nothing could stop me from writing in cursive whenever I could!

    What is “Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!)”?

    Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!) is a free online course that will teach you — and/or your kids — how to write in cursive. Essentially, it’s a collection of videos that walks you through letterforms A-Z and a-z. Then, you learn how to connect those letters in order to write words. My niece, Brixlyn, agreed to be my student for the course, and you’ll learn along with her.

    Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!) Lessons
    Teaching my niece how to write in cursive helped me to identify and address pain points.

    The course features nearly four hours of video instruction. The videos are all available to watch for free, and there are two ways to access them:

    1. You can sign up for the free course here on the TPK website. The nice thing about learning with the course is that you’ll be able to track your progress through the course. Also, you can comment/ask questions about lessons and videos. (Since the videos were made for kids, comments were automatically disabled on YouTube.)
    2. You can watch the course videos directly on YouTube. You won’t be able to keep track of your progress in a structured way, and, per YouTube policy, you can’t leave comments on the videos since they’re made for kids.


    The Learn Cursive Worksheet

    Any effective course has to have quality learning materials. For that reason, I designed a comprehensive worksheet to pair with the course. Again, the course videos are free, and I’m asking a nominal fee for the worksheet ($15 for personal use, $40 for classroom use).

    Learn Cursive Worksheet
    The Learn Cursive Worksheet is 15 pages long and includes copious practice opportunities. It’s effective for both kids and adults!

    I strongly recommend pairing the Learn Cursive Worksheet with the Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!) Video Course. However, I understand that some learners might be on a shoestring budget. If that’s the case, you can make do with the free cursive exemplar that is included with the video course.

    How to Write in Cursive (+ Free Printable) | The Postman's Knock
    This two-page exemplar is included in the Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!) Video Course.

    For more information about the course and to decide which worksheet will work best for you, you can watch the course intro video below:


    Why Learn Cursive?

    In my article Does Handwriting Matter?: A Pro-Analog Argument, I point out that handwriting helps with memory retention and better academic performance. Cursive is so great for kids because it allows them to write class notes quickly and without distractions. Research has shown that when you actually write something down — as opposed to typing it — it “sinks in” much better. Furthermore, people who can write in cursive can read cursive.

    Vintage postcards written in cursive
    These old postcards were written to my great-great-grandparents by a great-uncle. Having the ability to read them helps to preserve my family history.

    Think about how many things are still written in cursive (or calligraphy) today. Calligraphed envelopes and invitations are a wedding staple, signifying luxury and elegance. If you start looking, you’ll see cursive everywhere: book covers, product labels, and in notes from friends and family.

    Janet Style Calligraphy Envelopes | The Postman's Knock
    If you can read cursive, you can read calligraphy. (This is Janet Style calligraphy on wedding invitation envelopes.)

    I created this course out of a desire for the children in my family to be able to enjoy the world of cursive like I do. Knowing that some schools lack the funding and/or the time to teach cursive, I also wanted to provide this resource so kids can learn cursive outside of school. Just print out the worksheet, then fill it out with Brixlyn and me in Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!): A Free Online Course!

    Filling out the "Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!)" Worksheet Set
    In the Learn Cursive for Kids (and Adults!) Course, Brixlyn and I fill out the Learn Cursive worksheet with you. We’re in this together!

    I hope that you can use TPK’s latest online course to teach cursive to your littles — or to learn it yourself. Welcome to the wonderful world of cursive handwriting!


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    PS – Do you already know how to write in cursive? Consider learning how to write gorgeous vintage-style letterforms with the Elegant Cursive Handwriting Worksheet!

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