• My 8 Favorite TPK Tutorial Videos

    Did you know: TPK has several fabulous tutorial videos on YouTube! The tutorials offer thorough demos of projects and/or techniques to jumpstart your creativity. Today, I’m sharing my eight favorite video tutorials with you.

    I’ve been filming tutorial videos and video courses for TPK since 2014.

    When I started TPK in 2012, written content was the default (and, oh boy, did I write some long content back then). As the years have progressed, there’s been a shift. People like to see tutorial videos of projects and techniques! When I have the time, I love to make videos. In today’s article, I’m sharing my eight favorites:

    1. How to Make Illuminated Letters (15:54)

    The Easy Illuminated Letter Tutorial is one of the most popular tutorials on TPK! People feel empowered to try the project because it features free printable templates and simple instructions. In this video, I show you exactly how to make your own gorgeous illuminated letter:

    For written instructions and to find a link to download the illuminated alphabet, see the Easy Illuminated Letter Tutorial.

    2. How to Improve Your Signature (10:10)

    Even though most of our written interactions (like this article you’re reading) take place digitally, a signature still matters and speaks to your personality. In TPK’s How to Improve Your Signature tutorial video, you’ll find several different tips for improving your everyday signature.

    For the written tutorial, see the How to Improve Your Signature article.

    3. How to Create Pencil Calligraphy (12:01)

    You can use a pencil to get a feel for the main technique behind pointed pen calligraphy: pressure exertion. That means that pencil calligraphy is a fantastic precursor to pointed pen (and/or brush pen) calligraphy! In this video, I’ll teach you how to create pencil calligraphy and provide you with a free worksheet:

    To learn more about pencil calligraphy and download the free worksheet, see the The Beginner’s Guide to Pencil Calligraphy

    4. How to Make a “Filigree Leaves” DIY Mother’s Day Card (5:30)

    While this particular card says “Happy Mother’s Day”, you can modify this concept for any kind of card. Just switch out the greeting! Arabic Gold watercolor is a must for this project.

    Prefer to see the instructions in writing? Read the tutorial.

    5. 6 Simple Ways to Make a Calligraphy Christmas Tree (8:21)

    ‘Tis almost the season — and these little Christmas tree motifs are awesome for making gift tags like these.

    You can find a tutorial that showcases how to make specific trees here.

    6. How to Create and Learn Modern Calligraphy (12:33)

    TPK’s most popular tutorial video is this gem! It offers a brief overview of how to use a dip pen, along with a free worksheet. If you’re already enrolled in Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course, you can skip this video — but if you’re not, it’s a solid tutorial!

    You can download the free worksheet mentioned in the video here.

    7. How to Wrap a Gift With Artistic Flair (9:46)

    Pretty wrapping paper, calligraphy, and a wax seal — oh my! In this video, you’ll find instructions and inspiration for making a gift that stands out:

    If you are wrapping a small gift, you can find and use the printed paper from this tutorial in the The Letter Writer’s Complete Resource.

    8. How to Use MicroGlaze to Protect Mail Art and Calligraphy Envelopes (3:31)

    The TPK blog has so many wonderful mail art tutorials, some of which require a hefty time investment. If you’ve devoted a chunk of your day to making intricate mail, it’s a good idea to protect the envelope from moisture with MicroGlaze.

    For a written tutorial and instructions over how to use a spray fixative as well, see How to Protect + Waterproof Envelopes (and Artwork in General).

    If you enjoyed these tutorial videos, you can subscribe to the TPK YouTube here. (If you prefer written tutorials, never fear! I always provide a written tutorial version of video tutorials for those who prefer to take a project at their own pace.) Thanks so much for reading, and we’ll reconvene this weekend with a tutorial — both written and video — over how to make a gorgeous watercolor mint painting!


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