• Rediscovering Hand-Lettering: Why TPK’s Original Hand-Lettering Worksheet Set is Awesome

    For nearly five years, the Learn Hand-Lettering for a Latte Worksheet has been a silent star in the TPK catalog. Today, I’m giving it the introduction that I should have written years ago! If you’re interested in hand-lettering, you’ll adore this worksheet set!

    TPK's Learn Hand-Lettering for a Latte Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    In February of 2015, I quietly added a worksheet to the TPK catalog called “Learn Hand-Lettering for a Latte” (a.k.a. “Premium Hand-Lettering Worksheet Set“). At that point, I was too timid to blog about catalog additions, so I mentioned it in passing in a random blog post! By some miracle, though, people have noticed the worksheet throughout the years. And, by the looks of it (16 five-star reviews!), learners genuinely love the LHFaL Worksheet! So, today, I’m doing what I should have done four years ago and telling you why TPK’s most popular hand-lettering worksheet set is so cool.

    1. Variety

    All other TPK hand-lettering worksheets focus on one lettering style. This one, however, teaches you six! Why? The answer is silly, but simple. This was one of the very first worksheets that I ever made. I didn’t understand at that time that it’s okay to concentrate on one style! So, for this worksheet, I came up with six. Yes, that meant that the worksheet took quite a while to make (we’re talking months), but the result was worth it!

    Flytrap + Roman Hand-Lettering Styles | The Postman's Knock
    “Flytrap” is my favorite hand-lettering style in the Learn Hand-Lettering for a Latte Worksheet! It’s got an intricate Victorian feel to it.

    2. Aesthetics

    The Learn Hand-Lettering for a Latte Worksheet comes with quite a bit of eye candy. From its fun front cover featuring an illustration of a coffee cup to its hand-drawn supply list, there are many visual delights!

    Illustrated Supply List from TPK's Learn Hand-Lettering Worksheet
    I hand-drew this supply list over four years ago, and today I appreciate how eye-catching it is!

    3. Versatility

    I love dip pen calligraphy. Love it. But, I admit that calligraphy requires a bit of a fuss: you must have specific supplies and techniques to create it. The hand-lettering in this worksheet is a different story! You can print off the worksheet on any printer paper, and fill it out with any pen or pencil. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how you grip the pen. As long as you can mimic what’s on the page in front of you, you’re doing great!

    Practicing Sans Serif Hand Lettering | The Postman's Knock
    If you want, you can use a ruler to help you make some of these letters, but it’s completely optional!

    4. Utility

    When I made this worksheet set, I had layouts in mind. I was making a lot of logos at that time, so the Learn Hand-Lettering Worksheet focuses on teaching you how to put different lettering styles together to make logo-like pieces. To do that, you’ll need grids, which are provided in the worksheet set!

    Hand-Lettering Grids

    The worksheet walks you through how to use the 1/4″ grid to make a neat little “An Apple a Day” piece. I also included a 3-page eBook detailing how I used the 1/4″ grid to make the Hand-Lettering for a Latte coffee cup logo!

    An Apple a Day Card | The Postman's Knock
    The worksheet will teach you how to make this lettering layout. Learn how to make this, and you’ll be able to come up with your own hand-lettered layouts!

    5. Application

    I’ve been using the hand-lettering styles in this worksheet set for nearly five years, and I am consistently amazed at how the lettering can enhance projects! Mail art looks great with hand-lettering, and the hand-lettering usually ensures super legible addresses.

    Monochrome Mountains Mail Art Tutorial + Free Printable | The Postman's Knock
    This is Roman Style lettering in the Monochrome Mountains Mail Art.

    Greeting cards also benefit from creative hand-lettering!

    Birthday card featuring "Flytrap" lettering
    This elegant birthday card features “Flytrap” lettering.

    6. Popularity

    This worksheet has been a learner favorite for years! Here are some of my favorite reviews:

    “Awesome that this is available, I’ve looked all over for things like this, the craft stores want 20 bucks for the books but have a bunch of other things in the books I’m not interested in. I just want to learn different styles of hand letters. Thank you for making it available and affordable.” – Tammy

    This is "Open" hand-lettering.

    “Great Worksheet Set! I loved reading the instructions, it was all very simple and clear. Best of all is the grid pages, which allowed me to get right started without doing all of the practice sheets first. So as a impatient beginner in handlettering I can guarantee you get very fast and beautiful results!” – Frauke

    Learning "Wishbone" Lettering | The Postman's Knock

    “Thank you so much for providing this amazing resource for those who want to learn the fine art of calligraphy. My husband is battling cancer and practicing calligraphy is a relaxing outlet for me to deal with the stresses this horrible disease is putting us through. I love the flourishes and beautiful fonts as well as the creative projects this site is awesome!!!!!” – dfaccend

    Coat of Arms | The Postman's Knock
    This modern coat of arms was created using Roman Lettering from the worksheet set!

    If you have an interest in hand-lettering, I know that you’ll enjoy the Hand-Lettering for a Latte Worksheet! Ah — last thing: I should explain the name. I called this worksheet “Learn Hand-Lettering for a Latte” because it’s approximately the cost of a latte. 🙂 Basically, you can spend ~$6.50 on a latte, or you can spend that money to build a solid hand-lettering knowledge foundation. (Or, better yet, do both — but make it decaf so your hands don’t shake!)

    Thanks very much for reading TPK, and we’ll reconvene this weekend with a tutorial! If you have any tutorial requests (a Father’s Day card, perhaps?), please let me know. I always appreciate ideas or suggestions!


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