• Staggered Floral Trifold Card Tutorial by Phyllis Macaluso

    In today’s tutorial, artist Phyllis Macaluso will show you how to make a gorgeous floral trifold card. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to use a wedge brush, you’ll especially love this project!

    Staggered Floral Trifold Card Tutorial by Phyllis Macaluso

    When Phyllis Macaluso sets out to make out a card, she always comes up with something interactive and beautiful. Take the trifold card in that you’ll learn how to make in today’s tutorial: it’s the paper version of a bouquet! Interactive and gorgeous. Today, Phyllis will walk you through how to make this card through a series of instructions, photos, and a free printable.

    1. Gather Your Supplies

    You’ll need a small collection of supplies in order to create this trifold card; they are listed below with links:

    Supplies for Tiered Trifold Floral Card

    2. Divide + Cut Your Watercolor Paper

    First, orient your watercolor paper horizontally. Then, use your pencil and your ruler to divide the page into three equal parts. Next, draw a diagonal line that runs about 2″ (5 cm) from the top of the left side of the page to about 5″ (12.7 cm) from the bottom of the right side of the page. Cut along that diagonal line.

    Cut Watercolor Paper
    Your diagonal measurements don’t need to be exact! The numbers I’ve given you are just an estimate.

    3. Crease the Paper

    Now, use a bone folder to crease the watercolor paper like an accordion, as shown:

    Floral Tiered Trifold Card
    Making one crease that goes in and one crease that goes out helps the card’s parts to nest nicely into one another.

    4. Paint Flowers

    Now, use your pencil and a compass to draw half circles along the top of each third of the card. (If you don’t have a compass, you can free-hand draw the circles.)

    Making a draft for a floral tiered greeting card

    Then, use your wedge brush and the instructions on pages 5-6 in Phyllis’ handout to paint gorgeous floral bundles!

    Painting florals with a wedge brush
    Use your circular guidelines as guide to contour your flowers. (It’s okay to go a little bit past the circles, but not too far!) Again, instructions for drawing these flowers can be found in Phyllis’ handout.

    Keep on painting until the top half of your three sections are full of flowers.

    Florals on a trifold card

    Important: Make sure you paint florals on both sides of the card! Otherwise, when you fold the card up, one panel won’t have florals on it.

    5. Cut

    Now, use your scissors to cut the top of the card in an irregular pattern that echoes the contours of your florals and leaves.

    Cutting Out the Floral Cards

    Once you finish cutting, your card will look something like this:

    Staggered Floral Trifold Card Tutorial by Phyllis Macaluso

    6. Fold!

    Now, fold the three sections of your card neatly together, and secure the card with a piece of twine and a tag, if desired. Use a pointed pen to write the greeting of your choice on the tag!

    Phyllis is modeling one of TPK’s “Pretty in Pink” Brause EF66 obliques in the photo. Feel free to use your favorite pointed pen to write on the tag — perhaps in green watercolor calligraphy to match the card’s foliage!

    Modification Note

    If you’re in a bit of a hurry and you don’t want to paint flowers on both sides of your card, there’s a shortcut you can take. Grab the piece of paper you cut at a diagonal from the top of your paper in step 2, and paint flowers on one side of it. Then, cut out the flowers.

    Staggered Floral Trifold Card Tutorial by Phyllis Macaluso

    Next, glue the flowers onto the card. Alternate the direction that the flowers face to ensure that all of your pretty florals are visible when the card is closed.

    Staggered Floral Trifold Card Tutorial by Phyllis Macaluso

    Then, enjoy your lovely card!

    Staggered Floral Trifold Card Tutorial by Phyllis Macaluso
    The two cards shown without twine in this photo were created using the cut and glue method. The card in the foreground features flowers that are painted on both sides.

    This floral trifold card is a versatile piece that you could use for virtually any occasion. It would make a great birthday card, an elegant way to say “thank you”, or, if you’re thinking ahead, a lovely Mother’s Day card. You can do like Phyllis and make several at once so they’re on deck when you need a quick and pretty greeting card solution! Just write out a greeting on the tag, stick your card in a #10 envelope, and you’re all set.

    Thanks very much to Phyllis for coming up with such a gorgeous tutorial, and thank you for reading! Have a lovely and creative weekend!


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