• A Last-Minute Father’s Day Card Tutorial

    This Father’s Day card might be last-minute — but it’s better than anything you’ll ever find in a store. With its sweet sentiments and personalized message, the card will ensure an amazing Father’s Day for the dad(s) in your life.

    A Last-Minute Father's Day Card Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
    This Father’s Day card has a sketchbook page-like quality to it. There’s plenty of lettering and content to take in!

    In our house, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have taken on birthday-like statuses. For almost three years, Hernán and I have been parents — and it’s simultaneously the most difficult and rewarding thing we’ve ever done! These holidays give us a chance to remind each other that we’re doing a good job. For this year’s Father’s Day card, I wanted to be specific about why we adore Hernán as a dad. Today, I’ll show you how to make a card similar to the one pictured above … just in time for Father’s Day on Sunday!

    This is a recent photo of Hernán and our little boy, Remy.

    To get started, you’ll need a few basic tools. You can find a list with links below the photo:

    Father's Day Card Supplies

    1. Draw a Border

    First, you’ll begin by using your pencil to draw a border 1/2″ (~1.25 cm) around the card’s edges. It’s important not to draw or letter anything beyond this border, which will help give the card a clean look.

    I prefer to use mechanical pencils for this type of project. Just be sure to draw using light pressure!

    2. Draw Your First Line of Lettering

    Next, use your pencil to draw six wavy guidelines lines like the ones below. Try to draw the lines in the approximate middle of the card.

    Then, use Lasso Lettering to write “You’re an Awesome Dad … the Very Best”.

    If you don’t have the Lasso Lettering worksheet, that’s okay! Just do your best to emulate the flourishes shown here.

    Now, trace over your lettering with ink. (It’s best to use waterproof ink for this step since you’ll be adding gold watercolor to the card shortly.)

    3. Fill Up the Rest of the Father’s Day Card with Lettering

    Now, use George Style lettering (or a similar style) to write “WE LOVE YOU BECAUSE” at the top of the card. Trace over your lettering with ink, then use your pencil to write reasons between the two inked lines of lettering. Those reasons should be written in all sorts of different lettering and calligraphy styles! Use your creativity to have fun and play.

    Try to incorporate George Style lettering into your “we love you because” reasons at least once. The repetition of this lettering style will visually tie the card together when you add gold watercolor.

    Once you’ve finished adding reasons to the top of the card, ink over your pencil lettering. Then, use your pencil to make a draft of reasons at the bottom of the card. If you want to, you can draw in various sizes of stars to fill in negative space.

    Try to use George Style lettering at least once in this part of the card, too.

    Add ink to that pencil draft, too.

    Then, wait for a couple of minutes until you can’t see any spots of shiny ink on your lettering. That means that everything is dry, and it’s safe to erase any pencil draft lines!

    Erasing is my favorite step because the project starts to look nice and polished! I like to use a plastic eraser.

    4. Add Gold Watercolor to Finish Your Father’s Day Card

    This card has so much flourish and pizazz in the lettering that it really only needs one accent color to bring it to life! I’ve chosen to use gold watercolor as my accent; but you can use any watercolor that you like. First, moisten your watercolor pan, then use your size 000 paintbrush to stir the water into the paint. Then, fill in the downstrokes of any George Style lettering on your card with the paint. If you drew stars, fill those in with gold, too.

    Continue to add gold watercolor until all of the downstrokes and stars have been colored in.

    And voilà! A Father’s Day card that is playful, personal, and eye-catching. I can’t wait to give this to Hernán, especially after he tried his best to make me a beautiful card on Mother’s Day, too:

    Hernán's Mother's Day Card
    Isn’t this the sweetest? Hernán took on this tutorial last month to make me a Mother’s Day card. He didn’t realize you have to dilute white ink with water … oops!

    I hope that this tutorial comes in handy when it comes to making this weekend special for the dad(s) in your life. Thanks so much for reading, and Happy Father’s Day!


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