• An Illustrated Bluebird Project Blitz

    An illustrated bluebird can elevate any paper good to elegant heights! Today, I’m sharing six bluebird-themed projects that I made (with the help of the new Bluebird Bundle) to combat the chaos of our kitchen remodel.

    An Illustrated Bluebird Project Blitz
    I’m a sucker for an illustrated bluebird. This week, I created a handful of quick bluebird-themed projects that make my heart happy.

    Have you ever noticed that a cluttered house makes you feel discombobulated? A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned our upcoming kitchen remodel. At that point, the remodel was an abstract concept … and then came the cabinets. Oh my goodness. We have a spare bedroom that’s bursting with cabinet boxes, and those boxes are spilling into the living room, too. In the meantime, we’ve moved everything out of the kitchen, which means you can find random kitchen appliances all over the house.

    Kitchen cabinets taking over the house!
    Welcome to my living room! We’re storing 31 boxes of this size throughout the house. It’s times like these that one wishes for a garage.

    My answer to feeling overwhelmed is focusing in on bite-sized, fun projects. These types of projects lighten the mood and help me to feel centered again! Between yesterday and today, I put together a little collection of bluebird illustrations, and I used those illustrations to make various paper goods. No lie: I’m feeling much better and ready to undertake this kitchen project! Today, I’ll show you what I made, and I hope that my projects will inspire you, too.

    The Bluebird Bundle

    All of the projects that I’m about to show you were created using The Bluebird Bundle. This printable bundle is a collection of 11 pages that feature four TPK original illustrations in various sizes and orientations. While I love to make drawings from scratch, I’m also a big believer in scanning those drawings for the sake of efficiency for future projects. (As the mother to two young children, it’s nice to take shortcuts when I can!)

    The Bluebirds Bundle

    If this blog post inspires you to hand-draw bluebirds, that is fabulous! But, if you’re like me and you need to take some artistic shortcuts, please feel free to print and use the illustrations from The Bluebird Bundle. They’re pretty, multi-purpose, and all original to TPK. I’ll be thrilled if you can find creative uses for them!


    Project #1: Crosshatched Bluebirds Mail Art

    You can make something like this with two crosshatched 5″ x 7″ bluebird illustrations from The Bluebird Bundle (page 2). Cut out the illustrations with scissors, leaving about 1/8″ of space around the birds for ease of cutting. Then, glue the two bluebirds on an envelope in different orientations. Add calligraphy and postage to finish!

    Bluebirds Mail Art
    I used a glue stick to affix these birds to a “Sour Apple” envelope. Then, I used iron gall ink and Kaitlin Style calligraphy to write the address.

    If you have a couple of minutes, envelopes always look fancier with liners. I used the crosshatched bluebird illustration pattern from page 10 of The Bluebird Bundle to make this one!

    Bluebird illustration envelope liner
    You can learn how to make an envelope liner in this tutorial.

    Project #2: Crosshatched Bluebirds Elegant Bookmarks

    Bookmarks are great little projects to make and give out as gifts! For the bookmark pictured below, I tore black handmade paper into 2.5″ x 7.25″ strips. Then, I centered and glued 2.25″ x 7″ strips of the crosshatched bluebird illustration pattern to either side. And voilà: an instant elegant bookmark!

    I made three of these bookmarks; two to give away, and one to keep for myself! If I ever want to make more, they’re really easy to put together.

    Project #3: Simple Lace Bluebird Manila Envelope

    If you want to dress up a package, try gluing a bird to it. White printer paper contrasts so well with yellow manila envelopes and plain brown boxes! Use a glue stick to affix a simple lace bluebird to your package, then, if you want to, add a speech bubble. A simple branch illustration (created with a black gel pen and brushed with white ink) helps to fill up space.

    Bluebird Manila Envelope
    I used sumi ink and Kaitlin Style calligraphy to write “Enjoy” in the speech bubble.

    Project #4: Simple Lace Bluebird Birthday Card

    I actually made this card a while ago, but it has a spot on this project list because it features the simple lace bluebird illustration. To make a card like this one, put a blank watercolor card over page 7 of The Bluebird Bundle, then place both papers on top of a light box. Use McCaffery’s iron gall inks (in green and brown) to draw over the image and write “Happy Birthday!!!”

    Calligraphy Ink Recommendations: Earthy Hues | The Postman's Knock
    I used Amy Style calligraphy and McCaffery’s inks to create this birthday card.

    Project #5: Two Bluebirds Mail Art

    I felt like making some funky mail art, so I used a handmade envelope and the two bluebirds on a branch illustration from page 9 of The Bluebird Bundle to make this piece. Bleed Proof White ink features prominently on this mail art!

    Funky Bluebird Envelope
    You can learn how to make a handmade envelope like this one here.

    Project #6: Henna Lace Bluebird Greeting Card + Mail Art Bundle

    The Bluebird Bundle also includes henna lace bluebird illustrations. The photo below showcases the illustrations on a greeting card and mail art. You can also use them for gift tags or envelope liners. Just like with the other illustrations in the bundle, you should feel free to experiment and play!

    Henna Bluebird Illustration + Card Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
    I decoupaged a henna bluebird illustration onto this multi-purpose greeting card. The illustration continues with white ink!

    Drawing Your Own Bluebirds

    Clearly, I love drawing bluebirds. They’re such a calming and pretty subject! If you have the time to try your hand at illustrating a bird, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. You can find step-by-step instructions over how to illustrate a crosshatched bluebird like the one below in this tutorial.

    The Beginner's Guide to Crosshatching
    Learn how to draw this bird in The Beginner’s Guide to Crosshatching!

    But, if life is a little hectic or you want to save time, please feel free to use the printable illustrations like I did!


    Okay, the kitchen remodel calls. Thanks so much for reading, and have a fabulous and creative weekend!


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