These pens are suitable for both right- and left-handed writers!

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Weight 2 oz

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  1. Giselle Rosier

    This is my favorite straight pen! So happy TPK carries this pen. Since beginning to get more serious about calligraphy, I find this pen so comfortable to use and it holds about every nib that I have tried! It’s also been easy to clean up and maintain when making the mistakes of a beginner!

  2. Jewel A Murphy

    Love the cork

  3. jaimien1

    My favourite pen holder! It’s my go to when practicing

  4. helloannaanna

    This is a very comfortable straight pen and very affordable. Thanks!

  5. Johnna Allen

    Love Love, Love this pen holder. It is so comfy to write or doodle with.

  6. laurel_maiden

    I love this pen holder. It’s light and very comfortable. It is terrific. I think I may have to get one more.

  7. Beth K

    I used this pen today for the first time. Normally my hand cramps after writing for an hour but not with the cork grip! I was so pleased by this pen, I texted all of my calligraphy friends about it.

  8. Sharon Shackleford

    This is a beautiful pen…I love the cork and black together. It feels great in my hand and holds my nibs perfectly. It arrived promptly, was well packaged and in great shape. Thank you Lindsey!

  9. Nicole Troup

    I got this pen holder today and I’ve been using it to practice a worksheet – I LOVE IT. It’s very light (the black portion is made out of a lightweight plastic) and feels great in my hand. I’m currently using it with a Nikko G nib.

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