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  1. ckfnov

    I love this nib! I was shocked at how smooth it writes and how flexible it is. This is my new favorite!!

  2. Debbie Y

    Lindsey packages these nibs so nicely. it comes with a pretty card that tells you the “anatomy” of a nib. this is by far my favorite nib to use.

  3. cinderellamela

    These are my favorite nibs to work with. I’ve gone through several; make sure you stock up! They provide the most delicate lines!

  4. Christina

    Love it! I have been trying out a few different nibs and this a great for me. writes beautifully with much more stroke contrast than nikko G . i need more practice to use the brause rose nib. Love that I can write such pretty letters and practice drills with this nib

  5. Rachel S

    When I began my calligraphy journey, I was mostly sticking to the Nikko G nib that comes widely recommended for beginners. I always saw Lindsey using this nib in her IG videos so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did because it’s easily becoming a favorite. The flexibility is great to provide a nice contrast in up and down strokes, while still being able to provide control. I use this nib with a straight pen as I don’t have an adjustable oblique pen or one with the flange fit to the nib (although I know they are sold in the TPK store as well).

  6. Kit

    I ordered this nib a while ago, but only used it for the second time last night. The reason I did not pick it up for a while is that I think there is a bit of a learning curve. The first time I struggled, but last night it was a lot easier already. I still feel I can improve in using it, but I did think that it was so neat to have a nib that is so much more flexible than the Nikko G that I usually use. The thin strokes are really hairlines, and the downstrokes are really bold and fat. The contrast is fabulous!

  7. Anju Mariam Thomas

    The EF66 nib works great! The nib arrived beautifully packaged and in very good condition. Since it’s very flexible, it gives a nice stroke contrast and hence, perfect for flourishing and creating bouncy-looking calligraphy. It does feel a little scratchy though… I don’t know if it’s the paper that I used or the nib itself or just me (Even though I really am getting a hunch that it’s the paper). But I would say that this nib is worth it and you can buy it with your eyes closed if you want to change up your calligraphy game after practicing with a beginning friendly nib like the Nikko G.

    Overall remark – Go for it, cause it’s awesome!

  8. C. Harmon

    I love this little nib! I am new to calligraphy (six months) and this is my favorite nib. I especially like how flexible it is- so I can make the thick and thin lines with less pressure.

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