When Nico designed his letter rulers, he had two things in mind: ease of use and potential for originality. Nico’s letter rulers allow you to draw smooth and consistent letters that are perfectly kerned. Thanks to the grid feature of the letter rulers, you can smoothly make drafts that feature different sizes, weights, and ratios for your letter designs. Use the size that best suits your project!

Each of the three letter rulers included in this bundle feature dots that are spaced a certain distance apart. The 3 mm letter ruler is meant to make small, delicate letters with its grid dots that are spaced 3 mm apart. In the 5 mm ruler, dots are spaced 5 mm apart. The 7 mm ruler features dots that are spaced 7 mm apart. The letter rulers ensure that you’ll never have to fiddle around with measuring again; they do the work for you!

In addition to grid dots, each letter ruler includes circular templates to help you sketch accurate circular shapes.

For best results, pair your letter ruler with a .05-.07 mm mechanical pencil. I like this white mechanical pencil for writing on dark paper!

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