Nico Ng‘s unique composition rulers are designed with measurements and symmetry in mind. They will become your secret weapon for creating polished, eye-catching layouts! Made from clear acrylic with a vertical center guide, measurement markers, and 1/4″ and 1/8″ guides, the rulers make it easy to customize a refined grid to create professional lettering compositions.

The composition rulers contained in this bundle will make drawing and combining shapes for your lettering layout a snap. Here are the five simple steps for using the rulers:

  1. Center the composition ruler of your choice in on top of a piece of paper.
  2. Mark the top and bottom measurement indicators.
  3. Use the ruler to make a draft of your lettering grid’s edges and the center line.
  4. Align the ruler to the middle line and build your layout shapes.
  5. Draw lettering + doodles within the shapes, then trace over everything with ink.

The Composition Ruler is a powerful tool that helps you to be creative in your layout creations. A variety of shape choices allows you to personalize your unique lettering design. What will you make with these intuitive tools?

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Weight 11.1 oz

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  1. Glenda J Miller

    I’m going to review the video as I don’t have the rulers. I was quite impressed with the rulers themselves, his presentation and the versatility that they provide! So exciting to add these to my tool box! Thank you Lindsey for showcasing this artist! <3

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