Is there anything more beautiful than an herbal botanical illustration? In this premium tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to use watercolors to make a gorgeous mint painting. You’ll find 75 minutes of instructions broken down into four different lessons. In lesson one, we’ll create a pencil draft. In lesson two, we’ll put down a light green base layer. Lesson three presents the real challenge: layering and blending! Lesson four walks you through how to see your painting with fresh eyes to add finishing touches and determine when the illustration is done. Gather your supplies and paint along with me!

Gorgeous watercolor mint painting

Here are the supplies that you’ll need in order to complete the How to Paint Watercolor Mint Premium Tutorial:

  • Basics: Pencil, eraser, water in a cup, cleaning cloth or paper towel, blunt art syringe or 1/8 teaspoon to moisten watercolors
  • Sunny window or a light box – Do your research and get a light box that works for your budget.
  • Printed version of the Mint Reference Photo page from the Watercolor Mint Premium Tutorial PDF (included in the tutorial)
  • One 5″ x 7″ (12.7 cm x 17.78 cm) piece of watercolor paper
  • Two paintbrushes – One size 3 and one size 0
  • Any watercolor palette or — if you can get them — the specific watercolors used in the tutorial: Green Earth, Perylene Green, Quinoxalinedione Yellow, Violet Hematite

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