TPK’s Ultimate Beginner’s Watercolor Online Course is an incredible investment for a watercolor beginner. You’ll start with basic foundational skills (blending/mixing), then you’ll move on to intermediate concepts like contouring. By the end of the course, you’ll be creating portraits of subjects like buildings and people! After searching far and wide, I’m convinced that this is the most comprehensive watercolor course available online. Once you finish the course, you’ll have the knowledge to paint anything you want.

Once you enroll, if you think you might enjoy sharing your progress with others and seeing other students’ work, you can join The Ultimate Beginner’s Watercolor Online Course Students Facebook group. This is a vibrant group of learners who I’m proud to call my students!

This course is divided into nine lessons, and I recommend finishing it in one to three months. Here’s the course layout, including video durations (minutes/seconds):

Lesson 1: Watercolor Basics and Supplies

Video 1: What are Watercolors? (11:39)
Video 2: Supplies (9:52)
Video 3: Pen and Nib Assembly (3:41)
10 question quiz

Lesson 2: Foundational Blending Skills

Video 1: How to Make a Color Chart (19:56)
Video 2: Basic Brush Use + Wet Blending (19:05)
Video 3: Blending Multiple Colors + Dry Blending (20:29)
8 question quiz

Lesson 3: Patterns and Simple Paintings

Video 1: Painting Simple Patterns (14:34)
Video 2: Loose Lavender Painting (15:21)
Video 3: Night Sky Painting (29:35)
7 question quiz

Lesson 4: Contouring

Video 1: How to Contour a Sphere (22:16)
Video 2: How to Contour a Cone (20:30)
Video 3: How to Contour a Cylinder (14:29)
Video 4: How to Contour a Cube (26:57)
6 question quiz

Lesson 5: Painting a Peony

Video: Painting a Peony (1:07:47)
5 question quiz

Lesson 6: Painting a Butterfly

Video: Painting a Butterfly (46:58)
4 question quiz

Lesson 7: Painting Architectural Subjects

Video: Painting Architectural Subjects (1:13:58)
5 question quiz

Lesson 8: Painting People

Video: Painting People (2:07:09)
4 question quiz

Lesson 9: Fun Techniques to Send You On Your Way

Video: Fun Techniques to Send You On Your Way (11:08)
No quiz; this lesson offers the option to upload photos of your work for a complimentary critique.

23 reviews

  1. jscanmoore

    The course is very comprehensive. Great job Lindsey! A couple of supplements: – When painting a line of varying width such as a flower stem, exert greater force on the brush to get a thicker line then less force to narrow the line – Start with light colors (it’s hard to restrain yourself!) and gradually add layers on top with either more of the light color or darker colors to gradually intensify

  2. susanbarr

    This course left me feeling more confident in my beginning watercolor skills. I have played around with watercolors for years but never saw any improvement as I was teaching myself. Books just weren’t a help at all unfortunately for my learning style. Lindsey has such a down to earth style, and I found the informality comfortable and relaxing. It was like someone REAL was teaching it. It’s hard to explain, but I found the whole format easy to watch and learn from. The last project, a portrait, I figured would come out entirely amateurish and frustrating. Yes, it is amateur, it’s my first, but damn if it didn’t inspire me to want to try another and honestly, it was much better than I thought it would be. 🙂 This course was well worth the money. I find Lindsey inspiring and enjoyable to watch. She’s made me want to continue learning and playing with watercolors. I am very grateful to have come out of the course with that.

  3. Julie Gladstone

    I highly recommend this watercolor course! I loved Lindsey’s teaching style. She guides you through specific exercises and projects of increasing level of difficulty as you progress through the course. By the end of the course you realize you have learned the basic skills needed to paint any object, not just the specific subjects covered in the course. For me that was invaluable and I’m looking forward to trying the other watercolor tutorials on the TPK site.

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