The Kaitlin is a fun, whimsical calligraphy style that is a joy to create. Once you master it, the possibilities are endless! This Kaitlin worksheet add-on will help you to use your knowledge of creating Kaitlin style calligraphy in order to make new variations of the style. These variations are: Long, Angle, Groovy, and Cramped.

This downloadable, printable calligraphy worksheet set is intended for use as an add-on to the Kaitlin Style Premium Calligraphy Worksheet Set. The 16-page printable calligraphy worksheet set includes the following pages:

“Long” Variation Explanation and Practice {Tracing + Freehand – Word Practice*}
“Angle” Variation Explanation and Practice {Tracing + Freehand – Word Practice*}; Includes Slant Lines
“Groovy” Variation Explanation and Practice {Tracing + Freehand – Alphabet + Word Practice}
“Cramped” Variation Explanation and Practice {Tracing + Freehand – Alphabet + Word Practice}
4 General Practice Sheets, all customized to a specific variation

*No alphabet practice is needed for “Long” and “Angle” variations. Both variations use the same letter formations as taught in the Kaitlin Premium Calligraphy Worksheet set.

Please note that this is a digital product; no physical item will be delivered.

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  1. Lisa Nelson-Jones

    I absolutely love this exemplar. I’ve been doing calligraphy for several years now (6), and was trained in modern variation of traditional Copperplate. As from the beginning, I am still drawn more towards modern hands- and this one intrigued me. I purchased it, (by this point, I’ve purchased almost all lovely Lyndsey has to offer, I am that impressed), and on my first exercise, I was hooked. This continues to be a favorite of mine- I plan to begin incorporating it as a style of my own in the coming year. You cannot go wrong using Lyndsey’s exemplars.

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