These oblique pens are specifically fitted by me for a Nikko G nib. While some left-handed people might enjoy using this pen, it is intended for right-handed writers! No two pens are alike: the pink + white swirls are random and lovely. Note that this pen does not include the nib, which needs to be purchased separately.

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Weight 1 oz

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  1. marietta

    I have been working with this pen and for some reason it just feels RIGHT in my hand. I have lots of straights and Obliques, but this feels better than all of my others. I also had it fixed for the Brause Rose, ad Oh My. I have absolutely no control with this nib. If you want a pen that is responsive and writes super fine lines and really fat lines this nib is it. My problem is getting use to how quickly and how much it responds to pressure. I can tell if I were a few years into this I would LOVE this nib, but I am pretty new with little time to practice so, well…right now, it isn’t pretty, not at all. The biggest problem is I think it may have already ruined all other Nibs for me! I want to use it, I know it will make beautiful letters. I guess one of us needs to be whipped into cooperation. Hmmm, I wonder who will win that battle! Thank you so much Lindsey.

  2. Britiney

    I love this pen so much. It’s my go-to for copperplate. It’s so nice tow work with a tool that’s so lovely.

  3. Zinia Agosto

    It’s such a beautiful pen to look at, when I started to work with I was excited because I have a better view of my strokes (hence the oblique). It’s a great quality and the merchandise came fast and well packed. So excited to have this pen!! 🙂

  4. Kelly Gill

    My husband surprised me with this “Pretty in Pink” Right Oblique Pen (for Nikko G Nib) for my birthday and I love it! It fits so well in my hand and holds the nib securely. It’s also a nice lighter pink color!

  5. Jessie

    I bought this as a gift for my sister who is just starting to learn calligraphy. It’s so beautiful and looks amazing on her desk with her fresh supplies. It just makes you want to pick it up and start writing. I’m dying to buy myself one with an EF66 fitting.

  6. Emily

    I’ve had this pen for almost a year now. Not only is it a great pen, it’s also sooooo aesthetic. xD

  7. Anne D.

    Treated myself to this as a late birthday present, and I’m so delighted by this beautiful little pen that it’s given me the budge I need to get back into more regular pointed pen practice again! Love the unique swirls and coloring (can’t wait to use it in a flat-lay!), and the well-balanced weight and feel has quickly made this my go-to pen for my Nikko G as well as some of my other mid-sized nibs. Thank you!

  8. Tracy Bayley

    Beautiful Pen. This was a Christmas present last year from my beautiful daughter (could not believe she did this!). It is so comfy to hold and the colour is lovely. Thank you Lindsay for helping my daughter choose.

  9. mstygreen

    This was a treat to myself for finishing my pointed pen class. It is light, beautiful, and my favorite pen. This would be a great gift for any letterer.

  10. lexi.deconti

    I love this oblique pen holder. I purchased it when I realized I needed an upgrade from the cheap plastic type, and it was truly worth it. Great quality and affordable! It looks really pretty in pictures too 🙂 No complaints.

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