These oblique pen flanges are engineered for right-handed writers and are specially fitted by me for a Nikko G nib. Each pen is tested twice for the proper writing angle before being sent out! Note that no two pens are the same color; each pen is unique due to the wood used to create it.

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Weight 1 oz

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  1. Missy

    I tried an oblique pen years ago and wasn’t a fan, but now I know why. It was a plastic speedball pen which is worlds away from this oblique. I ordered the Nikko G oblique because my initial dive into lettering was with a nib called the Joseph Gillott 303 which is a standard size nib that I still like, even though it’s not well known. But I also have other standard sizes nibs and they all fit this holder so it’s very versatile that way. I haven’t used the oblique holder a ton, but I’ve been very impressed with how easy it makes slanted letters and I like it more each time I use it.

  2. Emily Misner

    I purchased this pen with some Christmas money, and have never been happier with a gift to myself! The pen itself is beautiful, and sturdily holds both the Nikko G nib and the “Blue Pumpkin.” It’s light and fits my hand well. You can tell a lot of thought was put in to making this gorgeous pen!

  3. Margaret Ball

    I very much enjoy using this pen. It’s lighter than my first pen and feels really good to write with.

  4. Kit

    So far I only had a chance to use a straight pen, and I really was wondering if I would like an oblique pen or not. I loved this pen the moment I put the nib to paper! It is so much more comfortable than my straight pen! I don’t have a feeling there will be a big learning curve after using a straight pen – using the oblique with the Nikko G feels very natural!

  5. eleni0370

    Looking at pens is always so stressful, because you’re never quite sure and are often disappointed that they won’t fit your nib (a problem I’ve run into before). I was glad to have this pen that was guaranteed to fit my favorite nib–Nikko G–and it is beautifully carved as well!

  6. a21fier

    After trying to use the speedball oblique pen, this feels like a breeze. Never going back!

  7. Brianna C.

    Received fairly fast!! Still need to get used to it since I’m so used to using a straight pen, but so excited to use it because I trust TPK’s quality 100%!

  8. Madison

    Great pen when it comes to practicing at this angle during the online course!

  9. Kaylee

    I bought my pen for my birthday and my Calligraphy became BEAUTIFUL after I used this pen and nib. I love it sooooooo much. I have recommended this to my grandmother who wants to learn Calligraphy too.

  10. khinehtet08

    I purchased this and the EF66 oblique pen holders when Lindsey was a having a sale of the “imperfect” pens. I honestly couldn’t find anything too jarring with the wood handles of the pens, so it just goes to show how much Lindsey stands behind the quality of the products she offers through her site. Whether you purchase it full price or on a discount, these are great purchases. The wood handles are beautiful and the nib holders are shaped well. As always, customer service was impeccable with TPK. Thank you!

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