This “Do Not Bend” stamp design was inspired by typography from the nineteenth century. The design is completely original to TPK. The rubber stamp will work on any smooth paper surface, such as a manila envelope or packaging paper. It is perfect for using with a regular stamp pad or embossing, and is great for Etsy sellers, artists, photographers, and people who just love mail art.

As with all rubber stamps, this “Do Not Bend” stamp won’t work well on a surface like corrugated cardboard, which is what manufacturers use to make most shipping boxes.

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Weight 2 oz

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  1. Mel Macklin

    I can’t express how gorgeous this stamp really is! I was on the lookout for something sweet to jazz up the envelopes I send my artwork in, and Lindsey’s stamps jumped out at me instantly. In all my travels of the interwebs, I found nothing quite so special or unique as these!

    I ordered a ‘Fragile: Please Handle with Care’ and ‘Please Do Not Bend’ stamp, each in the deluxe 3×3 inch sizes. Each stamp is a superb little piece of art in its’ own right; the typography is simply stunning, and beautifully crisp when stamped, even on lightly padded envelopes. It’s wonderful to be able to use these as both a concise and pretty little reminder to the post-person to be extra-careful with my orders!

    My stamps were shipped and delivered to me, beautifully packaged and very well padded, from the US to Australia in approximately 2 weeks- excellent time I would say, especially as I ordered them over the holidays!

    Thank-you SO much Lindsey, for feeding my love of beautiful mail-art with your lovely stamps!

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