The TPK Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit is the very best kit out there. After years of teaching students — both in person and online — I have a unique understanding of the tools and instructions that ensure your success! That’s why this kit includes:

  • Nikko G nib – the most approachable calligraphy nib for most beginners
  • Brause EF66 nib – a wonderful little nib that will give you dramatic stroke contrast
  • Nib tin – to safely store your nibs
  • Pearly turquoise straight pen with universal insert that will fit most calligraphy nibs
  • Wooden oblique pen with a flange that I hand-adjust to fit the Nikko G nib like a glove
  • “Art water” cup – to store the water that you use to clean nibs throughout writing sessions
  • Tightly woven cleaning cloth to wipe off your nibs throughout and after your writing sessions
  • Yasutomo sumi ink (2 oz.) – A velvety Japanese sumi ink that’s great for any skill level
  • Glass jar with screw-top gold lid (1 oz.) for long-term ink storage
  • 49-page workbook (6″ x 8.5″, 15.24 cm x 21.6 cm) full of information and guided practice (Workbook can be used to take The Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course.)

Calligraphy starter kit dimensions are 9.75″ long x 7″ wide x 2.25″ tall (24.75 cm x 18 cm x 5.75 cm).

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
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Right-Handed Calligraphy Kit, Right-Handed Calligraphy Kit + Enrollment in Beginner's Course, Left-Handed Calligraphy Kit, Left-Handed Calligraphy Kit + Enrollment in Beginner's Course

70 reviews

  1. Robyn

    This starter kit was packaged beautifully and with such care. It had some lovely tools (good quality) to get me started on my wonderful calligraphy journey! Added plus, it arrived quickly!

  2. Leah H

    I purchased this kit in December of 2019, and have loved it! It provides the supplies & direction needed to jump into the pointed pen journey! I love that I can reference notes & direction when needed and the box is lovely!

  3. chellergart

    Purchased this beautiful set and it’s so beautiful. Even the packaging is gorgeous. I’ve so enjoyed using this set. It’s high quality!

  4. Quinn Myers

    I was given this kit and the Beginner’s e-course about a year ago, and I loved them! I had never done any dip pen calligraphy before, and now I do it for hours almost every Saturday. This is such a great kit, especially when paired with the e-course. (I also like to use the pretty box to store my calligraphy supplies in.)

  5. Lydia A.

    There’s a reason this kit is repeatedly rated 5 stars! Carefully chosen materials, tasteful presentation, and wonderful customer service distinguish this product from your average craft store choices. If you are considering purchasing this, I encourage you to go for it! Not only will the quality of the tools carry you far, but the thrill of receiving them in such a beautiful package will motivate you to use them!

  6. Inma Sánchez

    I’m very glad with my started kit.
    Fue una buena decisión proveerme de las herramientas básicas para lanzarme a practicar caligrafía. Me encantó abrir la caja, con una preciosa presentación, y encontrar unos utensilios de gran calidad.
    I’m in love with the oblique pen and this kind of ink.

  7. Amy

    I ordered this kit for myself for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Beautifully packaged, and you can tell everything is done with care. I can’t wait to get started.

  8. Remi

    This is just the most beautiful set. I bought this for my first anniversary with my wife and she loves it. Beautifully wrapped and boxed, shipped very quickly, and had great updates along the way. Would happily purchase this again for an interested beginner calligrapher!

  9. Sue Gardner

    I purchased this kit and am so glad that I did! It came beautifully and lovingly packaged! I know it contains quality products to help achieve the best results. I am looking forward to starting to use it as I watch Lindsey’s Beginning and Intermediate Calligraphy courses, which I also purchased. Lindsey you’ve created a wonderful and very informative website! Thank You!! And please keep adding your helpful, informative and fun ideas and tutorials!

  10. April Bagster-Collins

    Oh mu goodness, I was so excited to get this in the mail. It came so much quicker than I expected. It is wrapped in loveliness, so precious and beautiful I had to wrestle within myself whether to leave it be or open it and try it out. Love the way she wrapped and presented it all. But as you guessed it I couldn’t help myself and opened up to use it write away. Love the kit and wished I had gotten it sooner. I have been reading the blog for quite sometime, over a year. I wasn’t sure if I could do calligraphy. I still have to practice but I feel I will get the hang of it. The best part Lindsey will answer any questions you have. If I am having a problem with something she answers very quickly for being a mom, wife, and business owner. Love this store and blog!

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