• Free (Super Cool) Hand-Drawn Printable Gift Tags

    Your search for unique holiday gift tags is over! Today, I’ve got a PDF for you that will give your presents plenty of presence. In it, you’ll find the following hand-drawn printable gift tags: “Fabulous Frida”, “Flourished Tree”, “Pine Boughs”, and “Merry & Bright”. Grab your favorite cardstock + some scissors, and you’ll be all…

    Printable Hand-Drawn Gift Tags

    I’ve never found a store-bought gift tag that I’m totally in love with. When I wrap a gift, I want it to look artistic and bespoke — and, to me, glossy and mass-produced gift tags take away from that effect! That’s why I put pen to paper to make these hand-drawn printable gift tags. They feature four fabulous designs: “Festive Frida”, “Flourished Tree”, “Pine Boughs”, and “Merry & Bright”.

    How to Use These Hand-Drawn Printable Gift Tags

    First, download the free Hand-Drawn Printable Gift Tags PDF by clicking here! Then, select the piece of paper you want to print on. I used Epson Fine Art Velvet paper, but the tags would be great on regular white or kraft cardstock.

    Printed Hand-Drawn Gift Tags
    You can find these holiday gift tags for free here. Make sure you open them using the latest version of Adobe Reader (it’s free) to ensure proper printing!

    Next, cut the gift tags out along the outside guideline. If you can, cut just inside the guideline so hint of black shows along the edge! This will help the tags to look more professional. Once you’ve cut out the tags, use the hole punch size of your choice to punch over the circle in the top center of each tag.

    *Free* (Super Cool) Hand-Drawn Printable Gift Tags
    These tags are freshly cut and ready to rock-and-roll!

    And that’s it! You are now ready to add to/from information and enjoy these unique little pieces of art.

    Making Modifications

    If you want to modify your gift tags, I invite you to do so! Any of them could benefit from a pop of color or a few gold watercolor dots. You can see that I used two different shades of green watercolor on the “Pine Bough” tag below with lovely results!

    *Free* (Super Cool) Hand-Drawn Printable Gift Tags

    To make the tags stand out even more, try gluing them to a piece of cardstock in a contrasting color. Then, carefully cut the contrasting cardstock so that it’s parallel to all edges of the gift tag!

    *Free* (Super Cool) Hand-Drawn Printable Gift Tags
    In addition to adding to backing to this tag, I also wrote “FELIZ NAVIDAD” in a Sans Serif font.

    No “To/From” Field?

    Two of these gift tags — “Festive Frida” and “Flourished Tree” — don’t have a place to write your to/from information on the front. In that case, you’ll write your to/from on the back! If you can, use a fun calligraphy style to add even more of a delightful surprise.

    *Free* (Super Cool) Hand-Drawn Printable Gift Tags
    I used Bleed Proof White ink and Kaitlin Style calligraphy to write on the back of my Frida gift tag.

    Additional Tips

    These hand-drawn printable gift tags can really help to make a gift “pop”! That said, an eye-catching gift tag is only a portion of the presentation. Other important components include unique wrapping paper, ribbon, and clean folded edges. For tips on wrapping gifts, you can visit the How to Wrap a Gift with Artistic Flair article!

    *Free* (Super Cool) Hand-Drawn Printable Gift Tags
    Frida enhances the presentation of this fabulous gift! Do you recognize the “Peacock” calligraphy medallion on this wrapping paper?

    I sincerely hope that you can use these printable gift tags to make your gifts stand out this holiday season! If you love the way they look on your presents, please share on Instagram (tag @thepostmansknock). It’s always so cool and gratifying to see TPK printables in action! It makes any fuss that it takes to make them 110% worth it. 🙂

    Thanks very much for reading, and enjoy these little holiday gems!


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