• TPK’s Holiday Calligraphy Worksheets: A Guide

    When I released TPK’s first holiday calligraphy worksheet in 2016, I couldn’t have anticipated that making a new holiday worksheet every year would become a tradition. But! Here we are in 2023, and there are now six worksheets available.

    TPK's Holiday Calligraphy Worksheets: A Guide

    In 2016, the first TPK holiday calligraphy worksheet was born out of reader requests. People wanted inspiration and detailed instructions over how to write certain phrases and make festive motifs, and I was happy to oblige! Today, we’ll talk about the six holiday worksheets available on TPK and what makes each worksheet unique. Read to the end to find a link to several free holiday tutorials, too!

    How to Use Holiday Calligraphy Worksheets

    TPK’s holiday calligraphy worksheets were designed with two goals in mind. The first goal is to offer you general calligraphy practice. The second goal is to give you instructions for creating beautiful words, phrases, or motifs that can be used for your holiday (Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice) projects.

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    This fabulous flourished tree is part of the 2016 Holiday Worksheet.

    As with any pointed pen calligraphy worksheet, you’ll want to print the holiday worksheets on calligraphy-friendly paper such as 32# laserjet. (You can use laserjet paper in any home inkjet printer.) Then, use your pen, nib, and ink of choice to fill out the worksheet! When you feel ready, you can apply what you learned to making projects, like these creative TPK readers:

    The flourished reindeer is from the 2020 worksheet and was created by @maison.rouge.calligraphy. The flourished tree (pictured on red cardstock) is from the 2016 worksheet and was created by @calligraphybysana. The calligraphy/watercolor tree is from the 2017 worksheet and was created by @schreibkatze.

    Meet the Worksheets

    TPK’s holiday worksheets are available for two months annually (November/December). They disappear from the Catalog every December 26th, and you can count on them to reappear after Halloween of the next year.

    TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2016 Edition

    The 2016 calligraphy worksheet mostly hones in on different ways to write various holiday phrases. The phrases aren’t too complicated in form, which make them excellent practice for those who are new to calligraphy. This is the worksheet that has the fantastic flourished holiday tree!

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    You can find the 2016 calligraphy worksheet in the TPK Catalog here.


    TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2017 Edition

    Like the 2016 worksheet, 2017’s worksheet also features several holiday phrases. They’re a bit more embellished than those that appear in the 2016 worksheet, but nothing too intimidating! The pièce de résistance is a snowflake-like medallion that looks incredible on the back of envelopes.

    2017 Edition Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    You can find the 2017 calligraphy worksheet in the TPK Catalog here.


    (Note: There’s no 2018 holiday calligraphy worksheet. I became a new mom in September of 2018, and if you’ve ever taken care of an infant, you know how that goes. Not much got done from September-December of that year!) 

    TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2019 Edition

    In the 2019 holiday worksheet, things start to get playful and a bit more challenging than in previous years! In addition to calligraphy designs, the worksheet features doodles, hand-lettering, and a calligraphy/watercolor tree artwork tutorial. This isn’t a great worksheet if you’re brand-new to calligraphy. However, if you’ve got the basics down, the worksheet is going to provide you with fun and new ways to use your pen for holiday paper goods.

    TPK's 2019 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet Set
    You can find the 2019 calligraphy worksheet in the TPK Catalog here.


    TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2020 Edition

    In the 2020 holiday calligraphy worksheet, flourished phrases take center stage. The worksheet teaches you how to write highly-embellished Christmas, Hanukkah, and Winter Solstice greetings. The greetings make for excellent flourishing practice! The worksheet concludes with instructions for making a flourished deer and crosshatched ornament illustrations.

    2020 Holiday Worksheet Practice
    You can find the 2020 calligraphy worksheet in the TPK Catalog here.


    Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills: Holiday Edition (2021’s Holiday Worksheet)

    For the 2021 holiday calligraphy worksheet, I decided to focus on wintery drills. You won’t find any holiday phrases; after all, previous worksheets have you covered there! Instead, you’ll spend time writing fun drills designed to put you in a cozy state of mind. In addition to drills, the worksheet includes instructions for making a holly-and-berries calligraphy medallion and a friendly flourished snowman.

    2021's Cozy + Creative Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet
    You can find the 2021 calligraphy worksheet in the TPK Catalog here.


    TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2022 Edition

    The 2022 holiday calligraphy worksheet encourages you to get adventurous with your pointed pen. You’ll begin by making flourished ornaments that look amazing on greeting cards. Then, you’ll practice writing embellished holiday phrases. Next, you’ll draw a lovely embellished holiday wreath. You’ll finish up by making an intricate “Merry Christmas” motif that looks amazing on holiday cards. In short: this worksheet specializes in providing you with stunning artwork tutorials that will enhance any holiday paper good.

    TPK's 2022 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet
    You can find the 2021 calligraphy worksheet in the TPK Catalog here.

    What About 2023’s Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet?

    In December of 2018, I had recently become a mother, so I wasn’t able to create a holiday worksheet. Right now, I’m working on a different kind of baby that’s put me in the same position. This “baby”, in a way, requires the same amount of care and attention as a human infant does: a book. Right now, I’m under contract with a major publisher to write a pointed pen calligraphy book by March 1, 2024. 

    Blogging | The Postman's Knock
    Right now, I’m working on writing a book. In my case, “writing” is a loaded term. It means typing, creating calligraphy, and taking on a healthy dose of photography work.

    While I’m grateful that the book doesn’t consume ALL of my time (I still get to write newsletters and blog posts), working on it leaves little time for innovation on the TPK website. I simply don’t have an extra moment to make new worksheets or video courses. BUT, I can promise that you’ll enjoy the holiday worksheets from past years for now, and that you’ll have a new holiday worksheet in 2024. Thanks so much for your patience with me!

    Free Holiday Calligraphy Inspiration

    I love TPK’s holiday worksheets because of their step-by-step instructions and practice opportunities. That said, there’s also a lot of holiday calligraphy inspiration that lives on the TPK blog — all of which you can find for free. Click here to see a list of TPK’s Christmas-themed calligraphy tutorials + free printables.

    Flourished Calligraphy Reindeer
    Maureen Vickery generously provided instructions for making this flourished calligraphy reindeer!


    I hope that this article helps to connect you to the holiday project or worksheet that’s best for you! If you have any questions about TPK’s holiday worksheets or blog content, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks so much for reading, and happy holidays!


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