About This Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet

Even if you are familiar with a calligraphy style, it can be difficult to know how certain words will look when written in that style. This exemplar + worksheet set will take the guesswork out for you! In it, you’ll learn how to write seven common holiday greetings plus an ornate snowflake calligraphy medallion! This workbook comes to you as one 19 page file, and includes detailed instructions on how to write the following:

The calligraphy styles listed here are all TPK original calligraphy styles. You can find examples of these styles by clicking on the hyperlinks above.


Each section of this worksheet includes the following:

  • Exemplar
  • Instructions for writing the calligraphy
  • Tips for creating the calligraphy
  • Stroke reference (in red and green, of course!)
  • Guided writing practice
  • Shortcut tracing calligraphy (You can trace this calligraphy using a light box and your dip pen; or a bright window and a pencil, then a dip pen. The holiday tree does not include shortcut tracing, as it would be confusing to trace over!)

Because of the ample dip pen practice opportunities offered in this set, it is best to print the worksheet on 32# laserjet paper. This paper works beautifully with dip pens, and is my practice paper of choice!

Limited Edition

This item will only be available in the TPK catalog until December 26, 2023. It will, however, reappear next year!


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