Feel free to use this hand-lettering exemplar to add simple style to any lettering project! All I ask is that you do not redistribute the exemplar (e.g. share the file on your website). 🙂 Enjoy!!

6 reviews

  1. Meenakshi Vinod

    I loved the product so much. The Morgan style lettering is really pretty and I love how it can be done with all types of tools and not just with a pointed nib pen. Thank you so much for having such free resources.

  2. Stefanie Smith

    Thanks so much!! Brilliant template and so lovely of you to offer it as a free template.

  3. Barbara

    Thank you! This is beautiful!

  4. Pam B

    Hi, Lindsey – Thank you so much for sharing this lovely writing exemplar! I am immediately drawn to the calm elegance of this style. Thank you for your generosity and thank you for taking the time to put together your TPK blog. You inspire me, and give me the confidence to try things that, in the past, I never thought I could ever learn.

  5. Anch

    Thank you Lindsey! I love it and the letter g is my favorite 😊

  6. pzosburn

    Lindsey: Wow. Thank you so much for the new morgan lettering style! This will be a charming, clean style to use for my envelope addresses, greeting cards, and in my journal. I love the idea of combining it with a more decorative alphabet. And as usual, your exemplar is well structured, helpful, and easy to follow. Thank You for so generously sharing your tips, skills, and wonderful ideas on the TPK blog. It’s always a delight! -Pam

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