*I am happy to offer this worksheet to you for free! All I ask is that you please do not redistribute the file via your blog/website; and of course, please do not redistribute it for a profit.

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  1. anandsharma949

    Lindsey, Thankyou soooo much for giving this wonderful worksheet. My handwriting is improving 🙂. I am soo much thankful to u that you made this worksheet for free !!!! You have a really big heart 😊😊. I really like your beautiful card ideas they are soo nicely made. And can u pls tell me what a hand lettering journal is and what materials are required for making it ???
    ~ Himadri

  2. Ebba

    Works wonderfully! Thank you!

  3. Adiya Nayak

    Hi, Lindsey.
    Thank you for this free worksheet
    Which type/method of cursive handwriting have you used in this worksheet?

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      It’s just my standard cursive — probably based on the Palmer method? 🙂

  4. Adiya Nayak

    Thank you

  5. Adiya Nayak

    How do I download this worksheet?

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Add it to your cart and go through the checkout process! It is a free download, so the checkout system will not ask you for credit card information.

  6. Michelle M.

    I really enjoy this worksheet. It is very helpful, and practical for improving handwriting. I find it also relaxing to practice making consistent loops and letters 🙂 Thank you Lindsey for sharing this!!!

  7. irischan1702b

    Super helpful for beginners.

  8. Gelila

    Its very helpful

  9. Ani

    Very good

  10. aliahaytham

    I absolutely love this worksheet! It was very helpful for developing more consistent cursive writing.

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