You can download a free sample of eight pages from this worksheet set by clicking here.

Beth Style calligraphy is a neat, dignified style. Its eye-pleasing clean lines and basic letterforms make it a joy to look at, and an equal joy to make. Beth Style doesn’t have a severe right-leaning slant, so it’s perfect for beginners! To begin, you’ll need a standard calligraphy dip pen, a Nikko G nib, sumi or India ink, and a printer and paper. I highly recommend printing TPK calligraphy worksheets out on 32# laserjet paper. It will be easiest to fill out this worksheet if you have taken the Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course, though many learners have worked through the worksheet without it.

The Beth style calligraphy worksheet set underwent a complete redesign in September 2016, and it features the following:

Core Calligraphy Worksheet (30 Pages)

The Beth Style Core Calligraphy Worksheet includes everything you need to know to get started, including:

  • Illustrated Supply List
  • Detailed Instructions for Creating Faux Calligraphy
  • Faux Calligraphy Practice
  • Detailed Instructions for Creating Dip Pen Calligraphy
  • Dip Pen Calligraphy Alphabet Practice
  • Dip Pen Calligraphy Word Practice
  • Stroke Reference Sheet
  • Troubleshooting & FAQ Page
  • Lined General Practice

Intensive Alphabet Practice (67 Pages)

Print off specific pages on a per-need basis to master letters that you have trouble with.

Intensive Word Practice (27 Pages)

Print off specific pages on a per-need basis to practice putting Beth Style letters together to make words.

Beautiful Beth Style Envelopes (12 Pages)

Beautiful Beth Style Envelopes is a new eBook designed to help you use your new calligraphy skills on envelopes! The eBook includes:

  • Instructions on How to Make an Address Guidelines Template
  • Instructions on Centering Calligraphy
  • Envelope Calligraphy Shortcuts
  • 3/4″ Pre-made Printable Address Guidelines Template
  • 1/2″ Pre-made Printable Address Guidelines Template

If you have any questions about TPK printable calligraphy worksheet sets, feel free to get in touch with me or visit the FAQ page!

17 reviews

  1. kirito

    Thanks for your help.i really like your write skills.
    I hope you can give some free worksheets to all of us.
    Thank you very much again

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      You are so welcome! I am really glad they are helping you improve 🙂

  2. jrmwalters5

    A beautiful, well done course to add to my skill set!

  3. Hannah V

    It had been a long time since I picked up pen and ink for actual writing, not just art projects, so I bought this as a refresher course. It’s so great and detailed! There are a lot of drills, and the reference sheets showing the entire alphabet are especially great as you plan out calligraphy projects. I practiced the worksheets for a while, and then did a poem in calligraphy for my mom’s birthday – it turned out beautiful!

  4. Theresa

    This is one of my favorite fonts from Lindsey. It perfectly combines a more simple cursive/calligraphy letters with learning how to write on a slant, which immediately gives this style more formality. I think it is a perfect combination because the letters are still easy to read and formal looking. She does a great job breaking down the script and provides ample practice with individual letters and words to practice connecting letters.

  5. Sue B.

    Hi Lindsey this post was so awesome. I did order Beth Style calligraphy and Blue nib. I am learning so much from you, it is great. I am going to take the Video class, iI am saving for it. Thank so much for all your and work,. I appreciate everything you do even with a little one to care for. :):) Have a great day. Very Greatful sue b.

  6. Joanne

    This set is how I got started with calligraphy! I love how elegant and simple it is, and it is very cost-effective. Lindsey takes her customers’ suggestions into account when improving the worksheet too, which is great! I can see myself ordering another set once I master the Beth style.

  7. nancy3

    Amazing tools for centering addresses on envelopes!!! Honestly, that was the motivator in purchasing this worksheet set. I love the alphabet, its beautiful but was in desperate need of tools to help with the centering process. I’ve already used them and voila, it works!! A large addressing order is on my desk and I am actually excited to get to work! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing these tools!

  8. michelle0wetzel

    Wonderfully organized and easy to use! The PDF files are separated out into different categories so it’s easy to work through the materials and find what I am looking for. I think you did an amazing job outlining the directions on how to start calligraphy, and I didn’t realize you had envelope addressing instructions included (even though it’s in the details… oops :D) , what a bonus! I highly recommend this package for anyone wanting to dabble in calligraphy.

  9. Lidia

    I think this is the perfect practice you need to develop your calligraphy skills. This sheets and the Molly Suber Thorpe “Modern Calligraphy” book are the perfect couple.

  10. Barbara Eddings

    These are beautiful! You did a great job Lyndsey. Would this and all of your other ones work with a regular calligraphy pen that has the ink already in the pen like the old fashioned ones? Thank u you do a great job and your a wonderful inspiration.

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