Hand lettering provides an engaging and artistic way to communicate! Whether you want to use your lettering for personal or professional purposes, you will be delighted with the results. This premium worksheet will give you all the instructions that you need to create Stitches Hand Lettering, no previous lettering experience required!

To fill out this worksheet set, you’ll need an iPad, an Apple pencil, and the Procreate iPad app. It will be easiest to fill out this worksheet if you have general knowledge on how to use the Procreate app.

The Stitches Lettering PROCREATE worksheet set features the following:

  • Complete Alphabet Exemplar (A-Z, 0-9)
  • Step-by-Step Letter Formation Instructions + Practice for All Letters/Numbers
  • Word Practice Page
  • Tips
  • Blank Practice Page

2 reviews

  1. bley28

    I love that I can be able to practice my lettering and not use up lots of paper in the process! Wonderful practice sheet!

  2. Raghu

    Amazingly helpful worksheet. I do wish we had a copperplate worksheet for Procreate!

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