Hand-lettering provides an artistic way to communicate! Whether you want to use your lettering for mail art, poster design, or bullet journaling, you will love the results. This premium exemplar packet will give you all the instruction you need to create Circus Lettering, no previous lettering experience required!

This 16-page Circus Lettering exemplar set features the following pages:

  • Complete Alphabet Exemplar Page (A-Z, 0-9)
  • Step-by-Step Letter Formations for All Letters/Numbers
  • Instructions on How to Write Words
  • Lettering Tips

If you have any questions about this exemplar set, feel free to get in touch with me or visit the FAQ page!

8 reviews

  1. Esther Wu

    This was really easy to learn and such a nice font. Everything is clear and concise.

  2. Chloé Campbell

    This bundle is a fun, exciting bundle to add to anybody’s calligraphy collection! I have enjoyed learning circus lettering and have even used it on a couple of cards.

  3. Chloé Campbell

    This is a fun bundle that I was able to use to complete a graduation card! This bundle is complete and has anything you would want to learn how to do circus lettering. I would recommend this bundle to anybody that is wanting to expand their calligraphy horizons 🙂

  4. sweetpurple

    Such a fun lettering, the instructions are very clear and had great fun making this

  5. Deborah Kesumo

    Cute style! Breakdown makes it very simple and is easy to understand.

  6. Dana White

    This has added such fun to my “bag of tricks.” The directions are so well written and the exemplar is a fabulous tool!!

  7. Susan Ito

    This is a really fun font. I loved learning it and how cool and very circus-y it feels. The steps are clear and easy to follow. I love the results. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Elise

    From the moment I saw this style on the blog, I just loved it ! The tutorial is very well explained, clear, a real step by step guide, I can’t wait to try it !

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