• SURPRISE! Free + Premium Limited Edition “Smiley Style” Calligraphy Worksheets

    Today, I’ve got a collection of limited edition calligraphy worksheets for you! They will disappear from the TPK catalog three weeks from today. These worksheets feature an upright, bouncy calligraphy style that doesn’t require (and – dare I say – thrives without) pencil guidelines!

    There’s a new worksheet packet available in the TPK catalog! You can find both printable and Procreate versions here.

    When I first started TPK, I experimented with a lot of calligraphy styles. I created printable calligraphy worksheets for some of those styles, then I quietly retired those worksheets a few years later. The styles, I decided, were a too juvenile for my sophisticated taste (eye roll)!

    Calligraphed Envelope
    This is “Smiley Style” calligraphy: bouncy, playful, and casual! I love it on envelopes.

    Now that I’ve got a toddler, though, I realize that some of the styles I snubbed were really cool! As we read books like Pete the Cat and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, I realize that a playful, almost child-like illustration (and writing) style can be delightful. As a result, I decided to bring back a style that appeared in the now-retired Kaitlin Style Variations worksheet: “Smiley Style”.

    “Smiley Style” calligraphy is bouncy, upright, and playful!

    About Smiley Style Calligraphy

    I developed Smiley Style calligraphy in 2014. It was a predecessor to Kaitlin Style calligraphy. If you’re familiar with TPK calligraphy styles, Smiley is sort of a mix of the Amy and the Kaitlin. It’s an upright style, so quite beginner-friendly! The Smiley features a lot of bounce, and – best part – it doesn’t require any pencil guidelines.

    Since this style doesn’t need pencil guidelines, it’s great to use when you’re short on time (or patience). Use it to make your next family meal something special!

    I like this calligraphy style because it gives you a lot of freedom. Letters have a nice bounce to them, and sizes and spacing don’t have to be consistent. It’s intentionally playful!

    The Calligraphy Worksheets

    I used the Smiley alphabet to create three different calligraphy worksheets for you. Two of them are premium, and one is free. Download the one that best suits your needs:

    1. The Premium Smiley Style Calligraphy Worksheet (for Dip Pen)

    This worksheet was designed for the dip pen. It features 15 pages of guided practice, including the entire alphabet (uppercase + lowercase) and numbers. The last five pages are dedicated to word practice to help you perfect your letter connections!

    You can learn more + find the Premium Smiley Style Calligraphy Worksheet ($5.00) by clicking here.

    2. The Procreate Smiley Style Calligraphy Worksheet

    This worksheet is an alternative to the dip pen Smiley Style Worksheet. It was designed for use with your iPad and the Procreate app. I like to provide Procreate worksheets when I can because I know how handy they can be when you’re on the go! Practicing your calligraphy in Procreate is also a great option if you have children or pets around who have a tendency to spill ink.

    Procreate is a great option for practicing your calligraphy if you’ve got little ones around!

    You can learn more + find the Procreate Smiley Style Calligraphy Worksheet ($5.00) by clicking here.

    3. The Free Smiley Style Calligraphy Worksheet

    This worksheet is for those who want a quick worksheet to fill out. Unlike the other two worksheets, it doesn’t walk you through how to write characters. It also doesn’t include word practice. But, it is a nice, basic two-page exemplar that gives you the opportunity to practice!

    You can find the Free Smiley Style Calligraphy Worksheet by clicking here.

    Supplies Needed

    This calligraphy style doesn’t have any slant to it, so you only need a straight pen to fill it out. Right-handed people won’t necessarily benefit from using an oblique pen because you’re not trying to achieve a 55 degree angle on your strokes! Try using sumi or India ink if you’re a beginner. (If you’re not a beginner, your favorite ink will work here!) Finally, be sure to print out the dip pen worksheet on a high-quality paper like 32# laserjet.

    The right paper makes a huge difference! I highly recommend 32# HP laserjet.

    To use the Procreate worksheet, you’ll need an iPad, the Procreate app, and a stylus (like an Apple Pencil).

    Limited Edition

    These calligraphy worksheets are just for fun and only available for a limited time! All three will disappear from the TPK catalog in three weeks (on Friday, March 13th). If you are interested in practicing this fun, carefree calligraphy style, be sure to grab a worksheet by then!

    I hope that you enjoy working with whichever worksheet is best-suited to your needs! If you have any questions as you’re filling it out, please feel free to reach out; I’m always glad to help.

    Thanks very much for reading TPK, and have a fantastic weekend!


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