• TPK’s Flourished and Festive 2020 Holiday Worksheet

    TPK’s 2020 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet will improve your dip pen skills and get you comfortable with flourishing! The exercises in the worksheet can be used to make gorgeous holiday goods, which I’ve included several examples of in this article. Happy holidays, and I hope you enjoy this fun practice!

    TPK's Flourished and Festive 2020 Holiday Worksheet
    The 2020 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet set is now available in the TPK catalog! You can find the printable version here and the Procreate (iPad) version here.

    In 2016, it occurred to me that people might appreciate seasonal calligraphy practice that can be used for real-life projects. With that in mind, I created a holiday calligraphy worksheet … and I’ve been making a new one every year since then! As of yesterday, the 2020 holiday worksheet is now available (and all past holiday worksheets are in the TPK Catalog, too).

    About the 2020 Holiday Worksheet

    Last week, I released a (free) Macbeth calligraphy flourishing worksheet that was very well received! I used that worksheet as my inspiration to come up with five highly embellished holiday phrases. I also created a flourished reindeer and a few crosshatched ornament tutorials to add a new twist to this year’s holiday worksheet.

    2020 Holiday Worksheet Practice
    Each flourished phrase in the 2020 holiday worksheet features detailed visual instructions and plenty of practice opportunities.

    The latest TPK holiday worksheet includes five different flourished phrases to practice:

    • “All is Calm / All is Bright”
    • “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”
    • “Cheers to a Wonderful Winter Solstice”
    • “And a Partridge in a Pear Tree”
    • “Wishing You Love & Light This Hanukkah”

    Once you practice the phrases, you’ll move on to creating a fabulous flourished reindeer. Then, I’ll show you how to draw three vintage-inspired ornaments using the crosshatching illustration technique.

    This worksheet has several objectives: first, I want to provide you with quality dip pen practice. Second, I hope to raise your comfort level when it comes to flourishing. Finally, I want to give you inspiration for real-life gorgeous holiday projects!


    2020 Holiday Worksheet Paper Goods

    I used the projects in the 2020 holiday worksheet to create several paper goods over the weekend. I love how they turned out, and I can’t wait to make more! Here’s what I came up with (all goods were created using a Brause EF66 nib in an oblique pen):

    1. Hanukkah Card

    This Hanukkah card was created on 5″ x 7″ (127 mm x 178 mm) handmade paper from Indian Cotton Paper Co. I used sumi ink to write the calligraphy and Arabic gold to fill in the little stars.

    2. Reindeer Card

    This intricate holiday card was created on black cardstock, which I cut to 10″ x “7” (254 mm x 178 mm), then folded in half. I used a white mechanical pencil to draft out the design, then I went over the pencil draft with Bleed Proof White ink.

    3. “All is Calm” Gift Tag

    I cut this 2″ x 3″ (51 mm x 76 mm) DIY gift tag out of watercolor paper. Then, I created the calligraphy with sumi ink and used Arabic gold to embellish the elongated stars. I can’t wait to see how this looks as part of a gift presentation!

    Procreate (iPad) Worksheet

    If you prefer to practice calligraphy on your iPad, this worksheet comes in a Procreate version. The Procreate worksheet is a great option for people who like the convenience of being able to practice on the go!

    If you do opt to use the Procreate version, I recommend practicing with the “Brush Pen” brush (under “Calligraphy Brushes”) at size 4%. Remember to write in a new layer, and try choosing a brush color other than black so you can easily see your work!

    Procreate 2020 Holiday Worksheet


    Past Holiday Worksheets

    All of TPK’s worksheets from holiday seasons past are in the TPK Catalog. Every worksheet edition is different, so mix and match the worksheets that appeal to you for maximum holiday calligraphy fun!

    Holiday Calligraphy Printable Exemplar + Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    This flourished tree is from TPK’s 2016 holiday worksheet. It looks fabulous when written in gold watercolor on black cardstock!


    The pandemic has made this is an unprecedented holiday season, and I hope that working through TPK’s holiday worksheets helps to bring you joy and calm this holiday season. Feel free to use the motifs in the worksheet to make as many holiday paper goods as you can, and send them out liberally to friends, family, and acquaintances! They’ll appreciate your artistry and cherish your thoughtful gift.

    Thanks very much for reading, and happy holiday season!


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