• 10 Drool-Worthy Hand Lettered Envelope Examples

    Think you have to use pointed pen calligraphy to make an eye-catching envelope? Think again. Today, I’ve got 10 hand lettered envelope photos that will motivate you to get out any pen and let the creative juices flow!

    "George Style" Printable Hand-Lettering Exemplar | The Postman's Knock
    This hand lettered envelope stands out because of its unique orientation, postage stamp collage, and George Style lettering address.

    I love hand lettering because it’s so accessible. Anyone can do it with any sort of writing utensil, and as long as your letters are legible, the lettering is a success. Today, I’m showing you 10 hand lettered envelope examples that will motivate you to get creative this weekend! Use this inspiration to make a fabulous envelope for a birthday card, a letter (More Love Letters, anyone?), or just a note to say hi!

    1. Lettering Composition Hand Lettered Envelope

    This delightfully “busy” envelope features serif lettering, sans serif lettering, and just a smidge of pointed pen. I found the inspiration for it in the Lettering Composition Handbook included in Nico Ng’s lettering composition ruler bundle. With the exception of the calligraphy bit, I used a black gel pen (Pilot G2 05) to write all of the letters.

    Hand-lettered Mail Art
    The lettering layout for this envelope was created using a 5″ composition ruler. For lettering layout tips, see this tutorial.

    2. Breezy Hand Lettered Envelope

    I love white ink with colored pencil “shadows” on dark paper! This envelope features mostly serif lettering with just a smidge of cursive and calligraphy. To learn how to write using a shadow technique like the one shown here, see this tutorial.

    Breezy Hand-Lettering Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
    You can find instructions for using this colored pencil shadow technique in TPK’s Breezy Hand-Lettering Tutorial.

    3. “Juicy” Brush Pen Envelope

    In this envelope, brush pen calligraphy, sans serif lettering, white gel pen accents, and pencil shadows join forces! The result is an eye-catching, almost shiny-looking lettering. Find a tutorial over how to make lettering like this here.

    "Juicy" Brush Pen Calligraphy Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
    You can learn how to make lettering with this colorful, fun effect in the “Juicy” Brush Pen Calligraphy Tutorial.

    4. Lasso Lettering Envelope

    In Lasso lettering, serif letters and flourishes combine! While I especially like Lasso letters on map projects (see: California, Brazil, Ethiopia), it also makes a fun addition to envelopes like the one below.

    Lasso Lettering Hand Lettered Mail Art
    The Lasso Lettering Worksheet will teach you how to write in this playful hand lettering style.

    5. Hissing Cat Hand Lettered Mail Art

    Yes, the star of this envelope is technically a calligraphed cat. But, a lot of this motif’s personality comes from the recipient’s name, written in fabulous Flytrap lettering! You can find a tutorial over how to make a mail art envelope like this here.

    Hissing Cat Halloween Envelope Tutorial
    File away this mail art concept for Halloween! It’s delightfully spooky and fresh.

    6. Circus Hand Lettered Envelope

    Circus lettering is probably the most labor-intensive hand lettering style on the TPK website, but the results are worth it. Your eye is immediately drawn to “MONICA” when you look at the envelope below! (Plus, check out that fun and funky address.)

    "Circus Lettering" Mail Art
    You can learn how to write Circus lettering here.

    I can’t help but share a collection of Circus lettering envelopes that TPK reader Abby S. created, too! Check out how she paired her Circus letters with casual alphabet characters to write her recipients’ addresses:

    Abby S. (@thescriptedpost on Instagram) used Circus Style lettering to make these *fabulous* envelopes.
    Photo credit: Abby S. (@thescriptedpost on Instagram)

    7. Perfectly Stitched Envelope

    I used a free printable template and Stitches Style lettering to make this simple envelope. A stamp collage helps to add artistic interest.

    You can find a free printable lettering template (plus instructions for using it) here.

    8. Cursive + Print Remix Envelope

    Is it cursive? Is it print? It’s both and neither. In this envelope, cursive entry and exit strokes “hug” simple Sans Serif letters. You can find tips for making lettering like this here.

    Four Hand Lettering Ideas to Try This Weekend | The Postman's Knock
    For tips over combining cursive and print to make lettering like this, see TPK’s Four Hand Lettering Ideas to Try This Weekend article.

    9. Diagonal George

    In this envelope, vibrant orange colored pencil helps this George Style lettering to complement the circus-themed postage stamp. Try a diagonal orientation to liven things up!

    How to Develop an Artistic Hand-Lettering Style | The Postman's Knock
    You can learn how to write George Style lettering with this worksheet set.

    10. Geometric Lines Envelope

    George Style lettering shines again in this envelope! I love how the 10¢ postage stamps and lines at the bottom help to make the piece stand out. You can find a tutorial over how to make an envelope like this one here.

    Four Simple Envelope Embellishments: Part II | The Postman's Knock
    If you like the concept behind this simple envelope, see this step-by-step tutorial.

    Looking at the photos in this list makes me feel motivated to make a fabulous hand lettered envelope for a birthday card. (In particular, I’m feeling the “Breezy” lettering from #2.) I suspect that, as a result, you’ll see another hand lettered envelope appear on the TPK Blog here shortly! In the meantime, I hope that seeing these examples makes you feel inspired, too. Thanks so much for reading TPK, and have a lovely and creative weekend!


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