You must have the Amy Style Calligraphy Worksheet in order to take this course. The worksheet is sold separately from the course! I developed this self-paced Amy Style Calligraphy Online Course especially for those who benefit from visual and auditory learning. In the course, I’ll guide you through the Amy Style Calligraphy Worksheet and provide additional tips to enhance your understanding of the style. You’ll also benefit from bonus materials like how to make a perfectly centered Amy Style envelope. If you don’t quite understand how to do something, there’s a “Discussion” portion under each lesson where you can ask questions! All lessons include a short quiz and homework assignments. Here’s the course layout:

Lesson 1: Amy Style Faux Calligraphy

  • Video 1: How to Create Amy Style Faux Calligraphy (Duration 2:26)
  • Video 2: Amy Style Faux Calligraphy Place Cards Project (5:51)

Lesson 2: Writing Amy Style Letters

  • Video 1: Writing Strokes and Drills (5:16)
  • Video 2: Amy Style Letter Formation Practice (4:16)
  • Video 3: About the Amy Style “S” and “s” (2:21)
  • Video 4: Writing Out the Amy Style Alphabet – A Real Life Stroke Reference Sheet (12:13)

Lesson 3: Writing Amy Style Words

  • Video 1: Amy Style Word Practice (5:56)
  • Video 2: Difficult Amy Style Words (4:16)
  • Video 3: Writing Out Amy Style Words (18:10)

Lesson 4: Amy Style Calligraphy Variations

  • Video 1: Adding Flourish to Amy Style Words (3:54)
  • Video 2: Varying Amy Style Guidelines (4:56)
  • Video 3: How to Make Wavy Amy Style Calligraphy (2:09)

Lesson 5: Calligraphing an Amy Style Envelope

  • Video: Calligraphing an Amy Style Envelope (17:46)
  • Download: Amy Style Envelope Helper

The course is approximately 90 minutes long, but will take much longer to complete as all lessons include homework and a quiz. It’s a good idea to give yourself at least two weeks to digest everything in the course.

Once you purchase this listing, you will be given full access to the course videos! Please note that you must have or create an account on TPK to take the course. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one during the checkout process (or create one now). Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the course, or you can find the course in your account.

10 reviews

  1. hebejebe

    I love that I can start from any point of learning at anytime, whenever my schedule gets hectic…I can always start again or pick up where ai need extra help.

  2. cadagaba

    What a fantastic course. This is one of my favourite calligraphy styles and so much easier as a beginner. Lindsey, your worksheets and videos are fabulous. I’ve learned so much. Thank you!

  3. lacey.maurer

    This video course helped me improve my Amy style writing SO MUCH! Lindsey presents the info in such a clear and easy to understand format.

  4. Sharon Shergold

    What can I say, I LOVED this course. I am a visual learner and this hit the spot. I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys beautiful lettering.

  5. Karen Harrison-Elrod

    I can’t wait to get to come back and do this! I’ve wanted to learn calligraphy for as long as I can remember! It seems affordable and easy to access! Thank you for making it possible!

  6. Sadia Sultan

    I’m giving you 5* ‘s because you are super cute! Your calligraphy is so awesome I need not rate it!

  7. Kim

    I loved this video course as a supplement to the premium worksheets! Thank you! Kim

  8. Kate wiley

    How long do you have to view the videos?

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Hi Kate! They are available for an indefinite amount of time. If you purchase the course, you’ll have access whenever you want, whether it’s tomorrow or two years from now. 🙂

  9. Sara Ju

    The video course is great! Upon purchase, I was taken to a link for my files and everything worked out swimmingly. Now, I can create Amy Style calligraphy with a dip pen, a brush pen, and a regular BIC rollerball! Totally worth giving up my daily allowance of caffeine and cream for two days 🙂


    This video course is worth every penny! There’s just something about watching the video and working along with it that is so helpful to me and I’m sure many people. I love the Amy style…it’s versatile and elegant! Thank you, Lindsey, for sharing your expertise! 🙂

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