Note that this course presumes that you already know how to write both in print and in cursive. It was designed for adults and will not be helpful for young children.

This self-paced Improve Your Handwriting eCourse will act as your go-to for developing handwriting that you’re proud of! The course walks you through several techniques and drills in the thorough TPK style that learners love. The goal isn’t to radically alter your handwriting (it should still represent you, after all), but you will learn how to write with:

  • Better spacing – Cross Drills help you to keep the spacing between your letters consistent!
  • A more relaxed grip – Thanks to Relaxation Drills, you’ll learn how to write without tension, leading to polished letters.
  • Confident and smooth strokes – As a result of filling out all the drills in the worksheet. Confident strokes always lead to impressive writing!

If you don’t quite understand how to do something, there’s a “Discussion” portion under each lesson where you can ask questions! All lessons include a short quiz and homework assignments.

Here’s the course layout:

Lesson 1: Self-Diagnosis

  • This lesson includes two short videos and helps you to pinpoint exactly what you want to change about your current handwriting.

Lesson 2: Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • This lesson includes four short videos and walks you through:
    • How to ensure that you have the proper writing conditions
    • Using the best writing tools for you
    • Gripping the pen in a way that’s right for you
    • Helpful tips for lefties

Lesson 3: Exercises

  • This lesson includes six short videos, all dedicated to improving your handwriting in general via exercises. The exercises include:
    • Relaxation Exercises, Picket Fence and Brick Wall Drill, Currents Drill, M’s Drill, Clouds Drill, and the Ova Drill.

Lesson 4: Improving Your Print

  • This lesson includes four short videos. In the lesson, you’ll learn:
    • How to write in neat, mature print
    • How to write using three examples of aesthetically-pleasing print handwriting (“Neat Print”, “Brandi’s Handwriting”, and “Architect Handwriting”)

Lesson 5: Improving Your Cursive

  • This lesson includes ten short videos. In the lesson, we’ll go over:
    • How to improve your cursive via filling out the cursive-specific drills in the worksheet set
    • Effectively writing three beautiful examples of cursive (“Elementary School Cursive”, “Spencerian Handwriting”, and “Lindsey’s Handwriting”)
    • Ways to modify your cursive with embellishments and personality

Lesson 6: Practice Suggestions + Handwriting Inspiration

  • This lesson includes one short video that details different ways you can practice. The lesson also enumerates tips over how to write neatly “in real life”! The lesson concludes with several examples of handwriting inspiration that you can incorporate into your everyday writing.

The total viewing time for this course is approximately 1.5 hours, but I’d recommend allocating one month to do everything that you’re asked to do in the course.

Once you purchase this listing, you will be given full access to the course videos and worksheet set! Please note that you must have or create an account on TPK to take the course. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one during the checkout process (or create one now). Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the course, or you can find the course in your account.

12 reviews

  1. tolleson47

    I purchased this for my high school son to use to improve his (horrible) handwriting. Within 2 lessons I could already see a vast improvement. I liked that this was accessible for a student, but not childish. I liked that it helped him address his particular problems and used his own motivation to propel him. Thanks for a great product!


    I loved the course. I learned different styles of hand writing and tips to write clearer and with style.

  3. Kimberly Staker

    I love this course. I can’t always sit down and pull out the calligraphy supplies. If I have a few minutes, I can grab my favorite pen and pull out my printed worksheet and relax with some penmanship practice. I think training my hand to be more steady with my pen has helped my calligraphy. Thank you for developing this.

  4. Julie Carroll

    I enjoyed this course and it has definitely helped my handwriting. The are plenty of drills and practice. I enjoyed the different ways to improve my handwriting.

  5. amaya.baptiste

    The combination of in – depth videos and worksheets where very helpful to me. I’m excited to continue with it and improve enough to be comfortable showing off my handwriting in the future!

  6. Robin

    I really enjoyed this course. It was well laid out and easy to follow along. The drills really made a difference in my my penmanship!

  7. Kristy Hurley

    I always loved practicing penmanship during my elementary school years, and am disappointed that my son has never been taught “cursive’ writing (it is no longer taught in schools;(. However, after years of using a keyboard I no longer have a pretty handwriting. This course has reminded me of the simple joy of penmanship. I absolutely love The Postman’s Knock, I eagerly await each new blog post and worksheet with much delight!

  8. Claudia

    Very good class. I didn’t like my handwriting and I’m glad I found Lindsey’s workshop to improve. My normal handwriting always “falls” to the left and it gets better now. Which is good for my calligraphy skills too because I always have trouble with the slant. Lindsey also introduces different writing styles and I fell totally in love with one of these. I’m journaling a lot and it’s a lot of fun practising.

  9. Megumi Drynan

    I am currently working on Lesson 2, and I have been really enjoying this course. With the videos and worksheets, it is very effective. It is like taking a class in person. When I have questions, Linsey is there for me. I am very happy that I found this course. It is really easy to start since what you need is a pen and a printer! (I noticed there is a procreate version too.) I have some pen friends, and we enjoy exchanging snail mails. I hope my hand writing will get much nicer with this course. On Lesson 1, you analyze what your handwriting problems are – ii was very helpful to know what I need to work on, etc. Very informative. Right now I am working on writing simple lines, and it is a lot harder than you think! I seem to be getting more controls now. I practice little by little when I have time on the work nights, and a little longer on the weekends. It is very nice that I can do it with my own pace. I am looking forward to the next lesson! Highly recommended. Thanks Linsey!

  10. Ellen Chandler

    Your course and worksheets are helping me at work AND I am having fun. I’ve recently started as the executive director of a non-profit ( a ski touring center!) and the first time I needed to add little notes to our fundraising letters I had a genius idea, “what if my notes were legible and looked thoughtful instead of sad and almost insultingly messy?” So I found your company. Now I am more aware of my handwriting every day, AND when I am “writing with a purpose” I always take 10 minutes and
    practice on a worksheet. I feel a lot better about what I am mailing out. I am working on cursive for correspondence and neater printing for regular work and my personal journals and notes.
    I know I am rambling, but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your handwriting course and it is helping me every day. Thank you!

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