Introducing Flourish With Me: A Pointed Pen Calligraphy Online Course! Are you ready to take your calligraphy skills to the next level? This detailed and engaging online course is designed to give you the intellectual tools you need for flourishing success.

In this course, you’ll embark on a captivating flourishing journey. A series of engaging video lessons will help you discover the secrets behind making invaluable pencil drafts, the best flourishing shapes, and successful ink application. You’ll learn the nuances of selecting the ideal tools, and the video demonstrations will help you master ink consistency, stroke contrast, and posture.

Take advantage of the hands-on practice that this course’s accompanying 10-page worksheet provides! With it, you can apply your newfound skills, trace over expertly crafted iterations of the flourished phrase, and compare your progress with each iteration. The exercises and assignments in the worksheet will challenge and inspire you to achieve greater heights in your artistry. As you progress through the course, you have ample opportunities to fine-tune your techniques and critique your own work. With the bonus assignments, such as crafting personalized flourishes and experimenting with different phrases, you’ll unleash your creativity and discover endless possibilities.

Supplies Needed

Flourish With Me: A Pointed Pen Calligraphy Online Course requires a few basic supplies:

Lesson Structure

    • Lesson 1: An Introduction to Flourishing (9 minutes)
      In this quick lesson, we’ll dive into the world of flourishing and lay the foundations for your success in creating captivating calligraphy designs. You’ll learn the key concepts and techniques that form the backbone of flourishing.
    • Lesson 2: The All-Important Pencil Draft (33 minutes)
      In this comprehensive lesson, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a well-balanced pencil draft. Discover how to choose the perfect flourishes for your piece and bring your vision to life. Make sure to have pages 1-4 of your worksheet set ready for hands-on practice.
    • Lesson 3: Adding Ink (33 minutes)
      Unleash your creativity as we explore the art of inking while you gain valuable insights and techniques that will elevate your calligraphy skills to new heights. From selecting the right tools to achieving optimal stroke contrast, this lesson will empower you to create stunning inked masterpieces.
    • Lesson 4: Finishing Up (10 minutes)
      In this lesson, we’ll discuss the crucial steps to wrap up your project and complete the homework in your worksheet set. Although the video is short, there’s plenty of homework, so take your time and give each task the attention it deserves.

While the total viewing time of the video instruction in this course is only 1.5 hours, I’d recommend allocating yourself at least 5 hours to complete all of the assignments in the worksheet set. It’s best to take this course one section at a time; flourishing requires good posture and a fresh outlook. As such, try to finish in a week or more.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of artistic pointed pen calligraphy expression. You won’t find a course like this anywhere else. Have a fabulous time!

7 reviews

  1. Nancy Friend

    An excellent tutorial from Lindsey on how to create an artistic and balanced quote.

    Her detailed instructions taught me techniques to improve my flourishes.

    Lindsey’s DART technique is a great method for learning how to flourish.

    The teaching style is detailed and easy to understand.

  2. Martha Porter

    A great tutorial for Flourishing by Lindsey, the most gracious and encouraging instructor you will ever meet. This is a “do as I do” walk-through with step-by-step instructions. By following her lead, you will learn principles of flourishing, tips and tricks, and pitfalls to avoid. You will practice the art of flourishing without being distracted by the phrase you are learning. (at least, unless you speak Spanish!) Practicing flourishing along with Lindsey has given me confidence and more boldness to flourish my own calligraphy as I apply the principles she has laid out. And as usual, the value of this course far exceeds the price charged! I don’t think you’ll find a tutorial this packed with information that is more affordable! Thank you, Lindsey, for encouraging all of us fledgling calligraphers and cheering us on!

  3. Jenny Meyers

    Another excellent tutorial from Lindsey. In her instruction on the video as well as on the worksheet she offers a detailed explanation of how, when, where , why and what! It is quite a deep dive with much more information than I expected, and lots of positive encouragement along the way. The real value in the course is that Lindsey teaches principles of flourishing, with extra exercises to practice outside of the quote that enables one to feel confident trying to flourish their own quote of choice after practicing on the original. I appreciated the suggestion of a pencil draft AND the eraser😃. It saved me a lot of paper compared to how much I go through in my usual way of starting right in with the pen. My eraser is a bit worn now though!

  4. Inés

    Another course from Lindsey that has brought me so much pleasure! It made the concept of flourishing understandable, enjoyable and practical. Since I took it, I practice creating cards for special occasions and have a very personal gift for my friends. They are delighted and I keep practicing!! 🙂

  5. Susan Roberts

    Every course I have taken from Lindsey has excelled, and this Flourishing one is no exception. I learned so much about pencil drafts and layout. I’ve used the practice/learning template to create several birthday cards for extra special people. Each time I go over it (even tracing with my light board) I understand concepts in fresh ways. I have applied them on my own in simpler cards and can see my progress. Lindsey brings such joy to her teaching style. I look forward to each time I spend with the tutorial videos and worksheets.

  6. Laura Bicherl

    Once again, Lindsey has provided a practical approach to a part of calligraphy that usually has pretty much intimidated me.
    My first go-around with practicing the phrase was (I thought) successful enough to add the inside cover of a small, blank book I am making for an 82-yr-old friend who is learning Spanish. What a lovely coincidence.
    And now I feel I have a method I can apply to practice this and other phrases until I feel comfortable enough with flourishing to start unleashing random flourishes on the world!

  7. Eva Bower

    I have always had trouble with flourishing – what looks good and how to do it. This course makes it all so simple. I particularly like the idea of pencil and paper to draft out the lines first, always with an eraser at hand. My confidence has risen no end! Now, that horrible word “practice”!!! Thank you, Lindsey, for providing yet another practical, useful and valuable resource. I’m very pleased to recommend this course.

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