Tired of boring calligraphy drills? I am, too. That’s why I created this engaging and artistic printable calligraphy drills packet! To begin, you’ll need a standard calligraphy dip pen, a Nikko G nib, sumi or India ink, and a printer and paper. I highly recommend printing all TPK calligraphy drills and worksheets out on 32# laserjet paper (you can use laserjet paper in any printer).

What’s Included

Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills: Under the Sea Edition is sixteen pages long and includes:

  • Rectangular Drills (like “Fish Hooks” and “String of Pearls”)
  • Square Drills (like “Splash”, “Go Fish”, and “Escargot”)
  • Circular Drills (like “Sea Cucumber Dance”, “Tsunami”, and “Octopus”)
  • Two Large Drills (“Sea Turtle” and “Storm at Sea”)
  • Flourished Beta Fish (dual artwork tutorial and drill)

If you have any questions about TPK printable calligraphy drills and worksheet sets, feel free to get in touch with me or visit the FAQ page!

25 reviews

  1. boomherderbygirl

    This was so incredibly fun and helpful! I love it!

  2. Kerry Bridges

    I love these drills – I don’t like repeatedly practising letters because it seems like I’m learning how to write those letters but not actually how to make my own marks – the TPK drills sheets allow me to have a go at all sorts of swirls and thick and thin strokes in all sorts of ways. As another reviewer has already said, they’re only $5 and if you sign up to the newsletter, you often get money off coupons too. Definitely worth every penny!

  3. Almiria

    I love the nature and under the sea calligraphy drills and I hope more sets like this will come out in future! I’ll definitely buy them. It’s so much fun and a fabulous way to relax, create art and practice calligraphy skills.

  4. Elisabeth Young

    This is a wonderful drill sheet! I get bored just doing “common” calligraphy drills and lines, and this sheet makes it so fun! I would have easily paid $20 for it, it’s awesome.

  5. lilli.nora

    I have just found this amazing edition, an sooo looking forward to try out, they all look so great 🙂

  6. Dana

    Hands down one of the best practice pages. This is so different from all the others and I can tell it’s helping my muscle memory in a new way. After the first two sheets my hand was aching… like leg aches on leg day at the gym! Highly highly recommended!!!!!!

  7. wendywhy12

    I love this set so much! The Under the Sea theme is exactly what I wanted! This is a great value, I will buy more sets in the future. Thank you for developing them!

  8. Gina

    Love this! I am getting ready for a trip to the beach next week, and I couldn’t resist purchasing this to practice before I go! A great way to relax and get me in an ocean mood. Thank you for such a beautiful practice set.

  9. barristergallery

    This isn’t just a super calligraphy drill – it’s a masterpiece! At the end, the user gets to finish a beautiful picture – ready for framing! This gives me more ideas for using the “moves” we learn in drills for use in actual art. This is simply fabulous, and with patience, it can be accomplished by a relative beginner. Thanks, Lindsey!

  10. boparai.ajab

    Lindsey, with this worksheet you have set the bar HIGH for calligraphy drills worksheets. I’m amazed and impressed by the stunning variety of designs you have incorporated. Truly the work of a creative genius! Thank you so much for developing this set. I’m certain it’ll prove to be invaluable in my calligraphy journey.
    Love and respect,

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