• Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet (Printable + Procreate Versions)

    Surprise!!! There’s a new limited edition worksheet available on TPK: the “Classic Amy Style”. The worksheet will be available through July 5th, and I’ve released both a printable version and a Procreate version. Whether you acquaint yourself with this style via analog practice or digital strokes, you’ll enjoy this new calligraphy challenge!

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet
    There’s a limited edition worksheet available now on the TPK website! You can snag it here.

    Contemporary Amy Style calligraphy is a clean, fairly matter-of-fact calligraphy style … but it didn’t start out that way. When I first developed the style in 2013, I gravitated toward calligraphy with plenty of loops and quirks! The very first Amy Style worksheet, released in 2014, reflected that. People loved the loops and flourishes, but I myself was gravitating toward a more serious aesthetic. So, I reduced the playfulness of Amy Style calligraphy in 2015. It didn’t go unnoticed; several learners called me out on it! Today, I’m pleased to announce that I’m bringing the “Classic” Amy Style back as a limited edition worksheet for $5.00: (probably less than) the cost of a latte. And — if you’re a Procreate/iPad user — you can purchase a Procreate exclusive edition!

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet
    The gold foil on this 2014 save the date is a great example of Classic Amy Style calligraphy! I created this design before the Amy Style modification of 2015.

    About Classic Amy Style Calligraphy

    Classic Amy Style calligraphy has a pleasing roundness to it. I’ve used it for several commissioned wedding projects, but I also love it for mail art and bullet journal titles!

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet
    This envelope was created using Classic Amy Style calligraphy. I used watercolors to make the flourishes!

    These place cards were from a 2014 wedding — I really played up the bounce to make them fun and approachable!

    Escort Cards in Amy Style | The Postman's Knock
    If you make escort cards like these, be sure to write on a high-quality paper to avoid ink bleed!

    The Printable Worksheet

    For the first time in TPK history, I made two versions of this worksheet: one is printable, and one was designed for the iPad (Procreate). Let’s a talk about the printable worksheet first!

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet
    This worksheet is a limited edition and will disappear from the TPK catalog on Friday, July 5!

    The printable Classic Amy Style worksheet is 18 pages long. It is intended to teach you how to create Classic Amy Style calligraphy using a dip pen. First, you’ll begin by practicing letters! I’ve drawn arrows and numbers to show you how each letter is formed, and I included guided practice in the form of three dashed letters.

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet
    Be sure to print out this worksheet on 32# HP laserjet paper! I recommend filling it out with sumi ink and a Nikko G nib, but any ink/nib combination will work.

    After you practice letters, you’ll move on to practicing different words. This worksheet set features 20 words that are commonly written in calligraphy, like “Happy” “Birthday” “to” “You”. My hope is that the words you practice will serve you well when you use this calligraphy style to make projects!

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet

    This limited edition worksheet set is a little bit different from regular TPK Learn Calligraphy sets. For example, there’s no faux calligraphy practice, and I didn’t include additional Intensive Letter Practice or Intensive Word Practice PDFs. Why? Because this calligraphy set is intended for people who have a dip pen calligraphy foundation. While other TPK worksheets keep a focus on teaching you how to use a dip pen, this worksheet zeroes in on teaching you this specific calligraphy style!

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet
    Here’s a preview of what the Stroke Reference Sheet looks like!

    The Procreate Worksheet

    For the first time ever, we made a Procreate-friendly version of a worksheet set! It’s 13 pages long and tailored specifically to practicing Classic Amy Style calligraphy with the Procreate app on the iPad. While I’m all about analog, I recognize that it’s great to have the option to practice on the go with an iPad!

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet
    You can find the Procreate version of the Classic Amy Style worksheet by clicking here!

    I know how frustrating technology can be, so we made a Welcome to Procreate FAQ page to explain how to easily open the worksheet files on your iPad! Feel free to check it out if you’re on the fence. And please — let me know if you enjoy this Procreate worksheet! If you do, I’d be glad to make Procreate versions of other TPK worksheets available.

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet
    Like the printable version of this worksheet, the Procreate version will expire on July 5th.

    Limited Edition

    Note that both the printable and the Procreate versions of the Amy Style Classic worksheet will expire on Friday, July 5th, at 9:00 PM MDT. After that date, both worksheets will no longer be available in the TPK catalog. They will, however, be permanently available in your TPK account and/or downloadable from your order confirmation email. 

    Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet

    If you have any questions about the Classic Amy Style worksheets, feel free to comment on this post or contact me! I’m so pleased to be able to offer this exclusive worksheet set, and I hope that you enjoy it. If you don’t already follow TPK on Instagram, I encourage you to do so! I’ll be reposting learners’ Classic Amy Style work, posting Instagram Live updates, and announcing a Finetec giveaway tied in with this worksheet.

    Enjoy the new worksheet, and thanks so much for reading TPK!


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