• Quick + Stunning Gilded Gift Tags Tutorial

    You can create elegant “gilded” gift tags using a simple compilation of supplies and an easy-to-follow technique. This tutorial offers both a video tutorial and written instructions; you’ll find that both contain plenty of helpful tips and inspiration!

    Gift tags featuring a gilded edge and pointed pen calligraphy
    Whether you’re a fan of video tutorials or prefer reading through the steps at your own pace, I’ve got you covered with both options.

    Today’s luxurious gilded gift tags will elevate your gifts and introduce you to the joy and simplicity of working with gold foil. We’ll start with simple supplies like DIY watercolor tags and your choice of ink and nib, sprinkle in some gorgeous gold flakes, and tie it all together with a ribbon or thread. This quick and delightful project is perfect for adding a personal, glamorous touch to any gift!

    Gilded Gift Tag Tutorial: Video Version

    I decided to make a video version of this gilded gift tags tutorial to walk you through every step of the process. If video tutorials aren’t for you (or you simply don’t have time to watch), you can scroll down to read the written version of the tutorial.

    This 10-minute-long video will walk you through exactly how to make gorgeous gilded gift tags.

    Gilded Gift Tag Tutorial: Written Version

    1. Gather Your Supplies

    Begin by gathering the following supplies:

    Supplies required for making quick gilded gift tags: gift tags, iron gall ink, pointed pen, glue, and gold flakes
    • Watercolor gift tags – You can DIY these by cutting rectangles of 3″x1.75″ (approximately 7.6 cm by 4.5 cm) out of a piece of watercolor paper. Lop off the top two corners, then punch a hole in the center.
    • Ink of your choice – I used iron gall.
    • Pen holder and nib of your choice – I used a Brause EF66 nib in an oblique pen.
    • Gold flakesThese are the exact flakes that I used (affiliate link).
    • Water-based adhesive – I used an UHU glue stick.

    2. Write “To/From” Information

    Begin by using Kaitlin Style calligraphy to write “to/from” information on your gift tag. You have the option to place all the information on the front; or, alternatively, put the “to” on the front and the “from” on the back for a neat separation.

    Using iron gall ink, a Brause EF66 nib, and an oblique pen to write to/from information on a simple watercolor paper gift tag
    Today, I’m writing all of my gift tag information (“To: Ashley” / “From Lindsey”) on the front of the gift tag to make for a quicker project.

    As you create your calligraphy, be mindful of leaving space at the bottom of the gift tag for plenty of glorious gold.

    3. Add Gold Flakes

    After the ink you used to write the calligraphy has dried, apply adhesive to the bottom of the tag in a jagged pattern. Don’t forget to put a piece of scrap paper underneath your gift tag!

    Adding adhesive to a gift tag in order to apply gold flakes
    As you apply the adhesive, think about drawing shark teeth or a mountain range. It’s good to shoot for that “^^^” shape.

    Then, while the glue is still wet, cover the area with gold flakes. Press gently with a dabbing motion to ensure good adhesion.

    Applying flakes of gold to a gift tag where adhesive was applied

    Once the glue has had a few minutes to dry, use an old paintbrush to wipe any excess flakes off of the gift tag. You may notice that more flakes come off than intended; if that’s the case, don’t worry about it! An irregular application pattern contributes to the rustic charm.

    Using an old paintbrush to burnish gold foil on a gift tag

    When you finish burnishing the gold flakes, you can fold your scrap paper in half. Then, use the crease to funnel the excess gold flakes back into their container.

    Folding scrap paper in half in order to put gold flakes back into their container
    You don’t have to recycle your excess gold foil flakes, but doing so will help your supply to go farther.

    4. Add Ribbon or Thread

    Finish up your gilded gift tag by threading twine or ribbon through the hole at the top. I like the juxtaposition of rustic jute twine with the gold, but really, anything works!

    Calligraphed gold foil gift tag with jute twine threaded through it

    The great thing about this project? It’s easy to whip up gilded gift tags in bulk, and each tag only takes a couple of minutes to make because of the quick process.

    Gift tags featuring a gilded edge and pointed pen calligraphy

    I hope that you enjoy trying out this super quick project, and that it serves as a gateway to the gorgeous world of gold foil! I’ve been using gold foil flakes for all sorts of projects, from envelope art to cards to, of course, these gilded gift tags. I suspect you’ll enjoy it every bit as much as I do!

    Thanks so much for reading, and have a fabulously creative weekend!