Is this course right for you? If you have completed The Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course, the answer is an emphatic yes. If you haven’t taken the Beginner’s Course, here’s how you know you’re ready for this one:

  • You have a strong understanding of how to properly hold a calligraphy pen/form characters.
  • Exerting balanced pressure on both tines of the nib isn’t a problem for you.
  • You have a preference for and familiarity with a specific pen/nib combination (e.g. “I love using the Brause EF66 nib in an oblique pen”).

This self-paced intermediate calligraphy online course is the most comprehensive course yet to grace the TPK site! Without constraints on time or demonstration limitations, I was able to film everything I want to show you — from how to use certain inks to fun flourishing techniques. You can pause and re-watch videos as needed, and if you don’t quite understand how to do something, there’s a “Discussion” portion under each lesson where you can ask questions! All lessons include a short quiz, and most lessons include homework assignments.

To take the course, you’ll just need the course worksheet (print it out on 32# laserjet paper) and a dip pen, a nib, and ink. Whatever you’ve been using as a beginner is perfect!

Here’s the course layout:

Lesson 1: Different Calligraphy Inks (41 minutes)

  • This lesson includes nine different videos that cover the following inks and how you might use them: gouache, India ink, iron gall ink, metallic watercolors, sumi ink, walnut ink, white ink, watercolor (as ink), and Ziller ink.
  • Bonus material includes how to waterproof your calligraphy plus the foolproof way to combine calligraphy and watercolors.

Lesson 2: Different Pointed Pen Nibs (20 minutes)

  • This lesson includes five videos that cover six different nibs (Nikko G, Brause EF66, Brause Rose, Brause Steno, Leonardt Principal, and crowquill nibs.)

Lesson 3: Different Pens (9 minutes)

  • In this short lesson, we’ll talk about straight pens and oblique pens. I believe I can give you some insight that you don’t already know!

Lesson 4: Different Papers + Must-Have Items (10 minutes)

  • In this lesson, I’ll teach you about some different papers that you might consider writing on. We’ll cover which papers to use for what and their quirks. At the end of the lesson, we’ll cover must-have intermediate items like a light box and a rolling ruler.

Lesson 5: Bouncy Calligraphy (20 minutes)

  • Many calligraphers find bouncy calligraphy mystifying because it requires not writing in a straight line. In this lesson, I’ll help you overcome your fear of putting some movement in your strokes!

Lesson 6: Flourishing (55 minutes)

  • The flourishing section will help you make organic-looking flourishes with confidence and grace! You’ll learn how to flourish individual letters, how to flourish words, and how to make white and gold reinforcement flourishes.

Lesson 7: Guidelines and Centering (26 minutes)

  • In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to make beautifully centered, orderly calligraphy by drawing guidelines.

Lesson 8: Inventing Your Own Calligraphy Styles (6 minutes)

  • Part of being an intermediate calligrapher is inventing your own calligraphy styles. In this lesson, I’ll give you “clients” to create projects for. You’ll need to submit photos of your projects to me in the lesson quiz. (Don’t worry if you’re technologically challenged — it’s easy to upload the photos, I promise!)

The total viewing time for this course is over three hours. Depending on your schedule, I’d recommend allocating two months to do everything that you’re asked to do in the course.

Once you purchase this listing, you will be given full access to the Intermediate Calligraphy Online Course videos and worksheet set! Please note that you must have or create an account on TPK to take the course. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one during the checkout process (or create one now). Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a link to the course, or you can find the course in your account.

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97 reviews

  1. Jennifer D Jesse

    I truly enjoyed this course and learned so much from it.. it was well organized and easy to follow. I especially love the quizzes for accountability and the homework I had to do to apply what I just learned. I love Lindsey’s teaching style and the videos along with each lesson was so helpful. The fact that I have lifetime access is a treat because I’m the type who loves going back to a course for reference again and again! Thank you Lindsey for all you do for the calligraphy community, I always look forward to everything you do to inspire me!

  2. Nikki Davis

    Lindsey’s course made it much easier for me to learn flourishes as she took the mystery out of them! The ability to go at one’s pace is key for my learning and I appreciate the energy that Lindsey puts into everything. The material is well presented which made it easy to follow along.
    Honestly, I love how Lindsey shows us her roadmap of being a Jedi level calligrapher today. This is important to me as she keeps it real.
    This course also made a great segue into the Mail Art program as I was able to create beautiful flourishes on my envelopes that the recipients absolutely loved!

  3. Julieta Worley

    This class was so great! As an intermediate calligrapher of sorts, it was perfect! Not too difficult but also challenging enough creatively. I loved the pacing, being able to watch and re-watch videos when I could and take my time with the projects. I was even able to submit my work for review, which was really helpful. It was a wonderful learning experience.

  4. Anya Malkin

    TPK’s Intermediate Modern Calligraphy class was a game changer for me. It includes a ton of practical, applicable information as well as interesting and challenging projects. You can take the class at your own pace and (huge bonus!) submit your assignments for Lindsey to personally review. I so appreciated her thoughtful feedback. This class gave me the confidence to put myself out there and start looking for clients. I’ve now been working as a professional calligrapher now for over a year!

  5. Diana Rose

    I wanted to learn flourishing and continue practicing after the beginner’s course. The intermediate course was challenging and great! And it turns out flourishing is quite fun, and creative. I love the elegance of the lines. Lindsay is the no.1 teacher!

  6. Brigitte Papa

    I have been hand-lettering for a few years but have never learned point tip calligraphy. This course has been so helpful in learning everything I need to know in the proper order. I have taken the beginners course and have started the intermediate course. I love how detail oriented Lindsey is with explaining everything there is to know about calligraphy. Not just how to write the letters, but explaining about inks, pens, trucks and tips. She has a unique style and is so creative! She really has a way of bringing out your own creativity!

  7. alexandra.woessner

    I found the TPK website by chance. I did a beginner’s course on a German site and decided to move directly to the intermediate course from Lindsey. The first videos she talked about nibs and inks and that was exactly the information I needed at this moment. Currently, I am working though the homeworks in the area of „flourishing“ and I love the letters. The videos present the opportunity to re-watch everything in slow motion, if there remain any questions to the letters. I am excited and can only recommend this course and am looking forward to many more to come!

  8. James Scott

    I took the course back in 2020/21 with the beginners course first and then the intermediate straight after. Lyndsey is a great teacher or be it on video and I can’t recommend her enough. I have moved on to do various projects after taking the courses with her and my Santa’s letters to children keep me very busy. If you are thinking of taking don’t think just do it! You won’t regret it.

  9. Jill

    Lindsay actually responds if you have questions and the course itself was easy to follow and just challenging enough for my first intermediate class. I learned a lot and was forced out of my comfort zone a little, which was needed.

  10. Janine

    I love this course. It’s exactly what I needed. Lindsey is a fabulous teacher. She has made calligraphy fun again.

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