You can download a free sample of six pages from this worksheet set by clicking here.

People love Amy Style calligraphy because of its wonderful legibility and the interplay between straight lines and playful loops! The Amy is a no-slant style that is wonderful for wedding invitations, artwork, and general calligraphy writing endeavors. To begin, you’ll need a straight calligraphy dip pen, a Nikko G nib (for beginners) or Brause EF66 nib (for intermediate), sumi or India ink, and a printer and paper. I highly recommend printing TPK calligraphy worksheets out on 32# laserjet paper (you can use laserjet paper in any printer). It will be easiest to fill out this worksheet if you have taken the Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course, though many learners have worked through the worksheet without doing so.

The Amy Style calligraphy worksheet set underwent a complete redesign in June 2018, and it features the following:

Core Calligraphy Worksheet (31 Pages)

The Amy Style Core Calligraphy Worksheet includes everything you need to know to get started, including:

  • Supply List
  • Detailed Instructions for Creating Faux Calligraphy
  • Faux Calligraphy Practice
  • Detailed Instructions for Creating Dip Pen Calligraphy
  • Dip Pen Calligraphy Alphabet Practice
  • Dip Pen Calligraphy Word Practice
  • Stroke Reference Sheet
  • Drills
  • Tips to Customize Amy Style Calligraphy
  • Troubleshooting & FAQ Page
  • Lined General Practice

Intensive Alphabet Practice (67 Pages)

Print off specific pages on a per-need basis to master letters that you have trouble with.

Intensive Word Practice (27 Pages)

Print off specific pages on a per-need basis to practice stringing Amy Style letters together to make words.

If you have any questions about TPK printable calligraphy worksheet sets, feel free to get in touch with me or visit the FAQ page!

46 reviews

  1. gamerxps

    The Amy Style worksheet set is much easier than I thought it would be, and it is a great introduction to calligraphy.
    It’s also nice that you don’t need a ton of equipment and supplies – you can start off small and make progress.
    It’s so fun – I’m trying to pace myself and go slow so I can fully master faux calligraphy before using dip pens!

  2. cera29kaiting

    The instructions in the worksheets are easy to follow and really helpful for beginners! I’ve always loved calligraphy and after finding your blog while trying to find tips on starting calligraphy, this font is a good start. It’s not too complex and really helps me to practice on the way the strokes flow. I’m glad I got this!

  3. whimsicalstationerysc

    I’m just beginning to learn calligraphy and was so excited when I came across this blog! Not only are there great resources available for purchase, but I love the actual blog posts, with lots of tips & tutorials. The “Amy” style has been fabulous as a first style for me to learn on. It’s comprehensive, easy to understand and allows plenty of space and time for learning each letter. I’m looking forward to progressing in my calligraphy studies (just bought the “Janet” course this morning!) and so impressed with the quality of The Postman’s Knock site! Thanks so much!

  4. dg_alesta

    I’ve always been that person totally fascinated and mesmerized looking at calligraphy. Photos, videos, anything! This year I decided I was going to start learning how instead of just watching and it’s been a dream (mostly because of this worksheet. I picked what I thought would be a simpler option, just to start!) It’s been fabulous, and now that I feel I’ve (almost) mastered Amy style, I bought myself Janet style and Beth style as a birthday present to myself.
    Really they’re excellent worksheets and I still carry the alphabet reference page in my daily planner so that I have it on me at all times. Good job!

  5. Marinela Agot

    This is awwsome!!!

  6. Kim

    Lindsey, thank you for putting together such a wonderful course! I did end up getting the associated video course also because it’s just fantastic to see it in action. After about a month of practicing a bit each day I successfully addressed my first envelope (to my mom, wait until she sees it)! I was so proud that it came out wonderfully! Thank you again and I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to ease their way into calligraphy.

  7. carbonmta

    Hi Lindsey,
    I am so glad I stumbled across your fantastic site! I am an ordinary very unartisitic guy, wanting to improve my general handwriting. In the space of about a year, I have now had loads of people comment on how lovely my writing is, but I was still not satisfied. Your brilliant, clear videos and just the best worksheets have taken my writing to the next level. I prefer the Amy style, it looks beautiful, is easy to do and learn. Even better your blog covers all the right pens to use, and your own journey in calligraphy. I had no idea about Oblique pens, different nibs and inks, and now after TPK I am confident. I hope you can produce some more style worksheets for the future. Such good value as well. I have a few calligraphy books, but your instructions are better by a long way. I will give Janet style a try after I master Amy. I am proof that it is possible to drastically improve your writing with a little effort in quite a short period of time. Adam UK

  8. Amanda

    This is the perfect beginner’s instructions to calligraphy! I love the detailed instructions as well as the stroke reference sheets.

  9. Jessica

    I just bought the worksheets and video and am so thrilled with the quality of both. I am a total newbie, but your teaching style and encouragement make me feel wholly empowered that I can do this.

  10. Claudia

    I bought this worksheet set together with the video and I love it. I’m an absolute beginner to calligraphie.
    I like the Amy Style very much because it’s so beautiful but not too complicated. The videos also helped
    me a lot. I highly recommend this worksheet.

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