• The 2022 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet + A Fun Little Tutorial

    Against all odds (“all odds” meaning an increasingly mobile 9-month-old baby), the TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2022 Edition has arrived! This worksheet provides festive pointed pen calligraphy practice that can be used for holiday cards, gift tags, general home decor, and much more. Today, we’ll chat about the worksheet and enjoy a fun little video…

    Introducing TPK's 2022 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet Set
    TPK’s Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2022 Edition features detailed instructions over how to make these flourished ornaments. In today’s blog post, I’ll walk you through how to create them — and this card — in a video tutorial.

    Calligraphy is something most people like to create year-round. However, there’s no denying that it’s a skill that shines (often literally) the most during the holiday season! We spread good cheer with written greetings, fancy invitations, and beautiful meals featuring menus or place cards. It’s a visually resplendent and cozy couple of months. That’s why I love coming up with a holiday worksheet every year! The worksheet gives me an excuse to think of fresh ways to hone our pointed pen skills while learning how to make stunning motifs.

    TPK's 2022 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet
    The latest addition to TPK’s holiday calligraphy worksheet collection is available through December 26th.

    What are TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheets?

    In 2016, a reader wrote to me and asked for holiday calligraphy examples — perhaps in the form of a worksheet. That request is what sparked the TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2016 Editionand every year after that, a new edition followed. I think readers like the holiday worksheets because they offer guided practice that really helps to set the holiday mood. They just feel … cozy.

    TPK's Holiday Worksheets
    You can compare past holiday worksheet editions in this article.

    The practice in the worksheets sets the stage for making real-life pretty paper goods. People take what they learn in the worksheet sets, and they use that inspiration and knowledge to create beautiful things! The photos below, which I found on Instagram, speak volumes:

    The flourished reindeer is from the 2020 worksheet and was created by @maison.rouge.calligraphy. The flourished tree (pictured on red cardstock) is from the 2016 worksheet and was created by @calligraphybysana. The calligraphy/watercolor tree is from the 2017 worksheet and was created by @schreibkatze.

    What Makes This Year’s Worksheet Special?

    This year’s worksheet hones in on relaxation and beauty. I am in a whirlwind stage of life right now (I have a four-year-old and a nine-month-old — need I say more?), and I’ve been loving projects that capitalize on repetitive movements. Making calligraphy flourishes, adding stippling and shading to my work, “building” illustrated wreaths … these are all things that help me unwind.

    "Merry Christmas" Card Motif from TPK's 2022 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet
    This gorgeous “Merry Christmas” motif is one of the projects included in the 2022 holiday worksheet.

    I like that this year’s worksheet strikes the perfect balance between practice and practical. You’ll find many guided exercises in the worksheet set, and all of those exercises can be used to make holiday paper goods. Work on your pen control and your comfort making any given motif in the worksheet set, and you’ll feel confident calligraphing that motif on a card, gift tag, blank piece of paper, or bookmark.

    TPK's Holiday 2022 Worksheet Set

    Think about what projects suit your needs best, then use the worksheet to make those projects. For example, I framed a “Bah! Humbug!” from this year’s worksheet to enhance my holiday decor.

    "Bah! Humbug" quote from the TPK 2022 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet Set
    This flourished framed quote from the worksheet set is part of my holiday decor.

    I also made cards using the “Merry Christmas” motif, the illustrated wreath (pictured below), and the flourished ornaments. The worksheet walks you through how to create all of those!

    "Joy" card from the TPK 2022 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet
    The worksheet includes an easy holiday wreath motif, which you can use to make greeting cards or gift tags.


    A Quick Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet-Inspired Tutorial

    The Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet 2022 Edition begins with three flourished ornament exercises. The tutorial below utilizes two of those exercises and gold watercolor to make a gorgeous greeting card!

    Here’s what you’ll need in order to make this card:

    Introducing TPK's 2022 Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet Set

    I hope that you liked the little video tutorial today, and that you enjoy this year’s holiday worksheet! It was a pleasure to put together, and I think that’ll have fun using them on projects. (This weekend, I’ll show you how my little boy and I used the flourished ornament exercises to make actual ornaments for our tree!)

    Ornaments exercise from the 2022 TPK Holiday Calligraphy Worksheet

    I’ll end this with a quick note to thank everyone who has purchased a TPK worksheet — holiday-themed or not — for supporting this site! For those who don’t have the budget or the circumstance to purchase and print a TPK worksheet or take a course, remember that there are plenty of free resources for practicing calligraphy, too. You can take advantage of any of TPK’s free worksheets, or take on a unique holiday tutorial! Thanks again, and happy holidays!


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