• Adventure Awaits: Explore a New Style with a Calligraphy Worksheet

    TPK’s printable calligraphy worksheets exist to guide you on your path to mastering your new favorite calligraphy style. With an affordable investment and the freedom to learn at your own pace, these resources are accessible to aspiring calligraphers worldwide.

    TPK Printable Calligraphy Worksheets

    In 2012, I decided that I wanted to learn pointed pen calligraphy. The process wasn’t smooth, and you can read about my motivations and experience here. In a nutshell, I encountered a lack of resources and information that left me discouraged and frustrated. Eventually, though, the concept clicked, and I was hooked. Every time I sat down to make something new, I saw just enough improvement to keep me encouraged and excited.

    White Ink Calligraphy Progress
    You can see some photos of my pointed pen calligraphy progress in this article. It’s important to remember that everyone starts at a beginner level!

    As I used my pointed pen skills to make more and more projects, I fell in love with the feeling that each of my creation sessions evoked. Pointed pen calligraphy requires a considerable amount of precision and concentration, which was a palette cleanser for the frenetic pace of real life. I appreciated that calligraphy goes beyond envelope addresses and can be used to make projects like watercolor maps and sketchbook pages.

    Kaitlin Style calligraphy is the star of this illustrated Save the Date map!

    That feeling motivated me to create the first TPK printable calligraphy worksheet in 2014. I packed that worksheet — and all subsequent worksheets — with information on supplies, calligraphy techniques, and how to form letters and words. My goal was, and remains, to ensure that no one else has to struggle to find quality calligraphy practice resources.


    About TPK’s Calligraphy Style Worksheets

    Right now, there are six calligraphy style worksheets available on TPK. They range from casual and bohemian to elegant and flourishy:

    Instagram Calligraphy Worksheets PhotosThese are just a few photos of TPK calligraphy worksheets found on Instagram! (Clockwise from top: @georgiasagenda, @copper_calligraphy, @scribbelstudio, @calligragen, @jade.s.artroom, @whisperedwordlettering)

    • Janet Style Calligraphy – This Copperplate-esque calligraphy style is my personal favorite.
    • Flourish Formal Style Calligraphy – This style is big and loopy — great for people who love generously embellished letters!
    • Beth Style Calligraphy – The Beth isn’t overly flourished or feminine, which makes it a favorite of people who want to write eye-catching, almost masculine letters.


    (PS – Don’t have the budget for a premium calligraphy worksheet? TPK is renowned for its free basic calligraphy worksheets, which you can browse here.)

    How Long Can You Expect to Use a Calligraphy Style Worksheet?

    Most people take a month or two to fill out a calligraphy style worksheet. That time frame assumes that you have a couple of days per week to zone out, listen to your favorite music, and make progress with your pointed pen. The process likely won’t be smooth, and you might need to concentrate on specific letters or words. In that case, you should fill out a page from the Intensive Alphabet Practice or the Intensive Word Practice sections of your worksheet.

    Janet Style Calligraphy Worksheet
    In the Intensive Word Practice section of a worksheet, you’ll have the opportunity to perfect “problem letters” or difficult word combinations.

    Once you finish with the worksheet, you will likely still use alphabet exemplar or stroke formation pages as references as you create projects. Some people like to print out the occasional worksheet page to fill out as a refresher or a warm-up. In short, you’ll likely be actively using a calligraphy worksheet for several days, then you’ll passively use it in subsequent days.

    What Projects Do People Create With TPK Calligraphy Styles?

    Once people learn a calligraphy style, they make all sorts of projects. Here are some examples of things I’ve seen on social media:

    Amy Style Calligraphy Practice
    @oh_look_it_sparkles practiced Amy Style calligraphy by writing out a Lewis Carroll poem. @juliacardmaker did something similar, but with Bruno Mars song lyrics.

    Amy Style Calligraphy "Out in the Wild" | The Postman's Knock@nwilsoncalligraphy used the Amy to address an envelope to a movie heroine (kudos if you know which movie she’s from!). @knitsandhooks took a totally different approach to Amy Style calligraphy, using it to monogram a doll’s blanket!


    Kaitlin Style Calligraphy Out in the Wild | The Postman's Knock@brandicuyco used Kaitlin Style calligraphy to make the task of paying off her car more pleasant! Conversely, @kne_kalligraphy used Kaitlin Style to rock some thank you tags.

    Kaitlin Style Calligraphy Out in the Wild | The Postman's Knock@victoriafinleycalligraphy lightened up her holiday cards with some casual Kaitlin calligraphy. @max_n_mabel used a mixture of Kaitlin Style calligraphy and block lettering to make some compelling envelopes! (Notice the calligraphy exemplar that was kept close at hand.)


    @devinstanleycalligraphy used Janet style calligraphy to make these lovely envelopes.

    @thistle_and_palm’s tiny calligraphy looks vintage and elegant written in walnut ink.


    Things to Remember

    There are a three things to keep in mind while working with a calligraphy style worksheet:

    1. Know the Basics

    Before you practice, familiarize yourself with basic pointed pen concepts — otherwise, your practice will be for naught. Keep reminding yourself to exert balanced pressure on both tines of the nib, don’t lever the pen, and vary your pressure to control stroke widths. I think a structured approach — like the one taken in Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course — is the best way to go for the basics. If you’re on a budget, though, it’s certainly possible to string together knowledge through watching YouTube demonstrations (this video is a good place to start).

    Can You Really Learn Calligraphy Online? | The Postman's Knock
    This Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course worksheet was filled out by a student. It’s important to understand the mechanics of pointed pen calligraphy before trying to take on specific styles.

    2. Look Beyond Worksheets for Practice

    I think worksheets are great. They offer structured practice and plenty of opportunities for repetition. That said, if you’re only creating calligraphy within a worksheet, you’re likely going to get bored. The moment you start to feel a bit of confidence in your pointed pen skills, try making a project. You’ll likely be surprised at what you can achieve!

    Calligraphy Artwork Tutorial: Woman's Back | The Postman's Knock
    This calligraphy artwork is made up of tiny Kaitlin Style calligraphy lines from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You can learn how to make it in this tutorial.

    There are several tutorials on this blog that you take you beyond the worksheet, once you’re feeling ready to branch out! You can find several of those tutorials by clicking the button below:


     3. Make It Fun

    The point of a calligraphy worksheet is a lot of repetition. To get the most out of your practice, you need to get yourself into “the zone”. So, do what you need to do to make your pointed pen calligraphy practice a pleasant experience that you look forward to. Put on your favorite music/podcast/TV show, make yourself a cup of your favorite non-caffeinated beverage (caffeine makes for a shaky hand), and wear comfortable clothing.

    How to Practice Calligraphy | The Postman's Knock
    My calligraphy creation sessions generally include tea, chocolate, and something that’s fun to listen to while I work.


    I hope that this blog post helps you to discover your new favorite calligraphy style and/or it inspires you to get out your pen to create some calligraphy! Thanks so much for reading, and enjoy the rest of your week.


    Lindsey's Signature | The Postman's Knock

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