I recommend creating Cocktail Casual calligraphy with your favorite pen and nib combination. If you’re right-handed, you’ll probably do best with a right oblique pen! I love to make this calligraphy style with a nice, thin ink like India ink or iron gall ink (Walker’s Copperplate in the UK or Blots in the US are both awesome).

Please note that, unlike other calligraphy styles, Cocktail Casual calligraphy doesn’t have a specific formula to it. Think of all of the letters in this worksheet set as suggestions. As you get more comfortable writing the letters in the worksheet, try varying their formations! Add an extra flourish here or a super long cross stroke there. I encourage you to make this style your own!

Finally, try to avoid using pencil guidelines when you write using this style. Words will look best without a consistent baseline — I promise. Not having to use pencil guidelines means that this calligraphy style is very quick to create!

4 reviews

  1. rebecca.badendick

    I absolutely love this worksheet and the video!

  2. Monique S.

    I missed it! I would love to see this as a permanent worksheet. The calligraphy font is very flowy and pleasing to the eye. I was m sad I missed it.

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      A permanent worksheet is in the works! Look for it in the Catalog next month or in early September. 🙂

  3. tipadit

    This is by far my favorite font from TPK! I appreciate all the breakdowns of the letters, and having so many additional words for practicing letter spacing. It is such a lovely and elegant font.

  4. Niguida

    I like this writing a little “fofolle” and yet very “élégante” !

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